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  1. Thank you all. I have to admit I put it off for awhile and really tried to find reasons to keep her with me. I am glad it has worked out. Its funny - she was chosen for us by the man who owned the farm we managed. We paid $300 for her. Come to find out her fee was $500 and he paid the difference. We wouldn't have gotten her if we knew it would be that much. We prefer rescue dogs We didn't meet her until she came to our home. I think it was karma that placed her with us and where she is now. The look on the couples face is priceless when they talk about Bula. Thank you all for your suppo
  2. I don't know if some of you remember but awhile back I posted some threads about my 2yr old bc bula who wouldn't stay home. She kept going to the eldery neighbors house. I wanted to update on the situation. Since that time my husband and I have had to move of the farm we were living on. During this transition process I let the neighbors keep Bula, to see if she could live there full time. I wanted to make sure that she wouldn't keep coming back to the farm on her own - which she didn't. I wanted to make sure that they could keep up with her energy level and that she would be a good additi
  3. Recently we took in a 7yr old male GSD from a deceased family member. He has been with us since April. He has his own issues we are working on - old people dogs are so funny - they think they are in charge! My issue is that he is obsessed with Bula, my 3yr old female BC. Its strange, its not like he wants to play with her. Sometimes I think its a submission thing. He puts her on her back with belly up and drools all over her. The worse is outside. They have a fenced in area and he chases her so that she hides or digs out - another issue. Usually he has a jolly ball in his mouth and just stands
  4. here is some more mojo from new hampshire, i got my fingers crossed, 4 pairs of dog paws crossed and i'll throw in the horses as well! ok, the cats want in as well!! hope you get better soon!
  5. Bula - ooba, looba, booze, bul, bulas, kramer - kramanator, crazy, numbnuts kona - mona (she is the gsd and all she does is moan!)
  6. so how many cats does it take to make you crazy? we got 4... horses... 3 that we own, 11 total we take care of... thanks for the reasuarance! I just hope no one gets hurt if they figure out the pecking order! My husband is excited to have a dog he can be stern with again - he knows to yell at Bula in a baby voice - or she runs away from him!
  7. So my pack of 3 dogs is now going to 4. A death in the family has a 2 yr old male gsd dog coming to live with us on our farm. Are current 3 dogs, 1 fm bc 3, 1 ml hound 3, and 1 fm gsd 12...get along great and are fine when other dogs come to our farm. Just wondering how pack dynamics might be introducing a 4th live in dog. We sometimes dogsit my friends 10 yr old m gsd and everyone is fine because he isn't hyper... We are excited and nervous. We know we can provide a good stable environment. I have just never had this many dogs before! We also have a very, very, small log cabin but live on
  8. i just watched it from another site! i laughed out loud at work for the longest time! its amazing!!
  9. I'm seriously considering boots for Bula. Hints? Suggestions? I've never had a dog with boots but she keeps coming in with huge ice balls on the bottom of her paws. It doesn't seem to bother her but it bugs me....plus I want to start doing some serious snow activites with her - not just farm chorse.
  10. Thank you for all the suggestions. I'll try to respond to what people have said and give an update. I can't remember when she started going to the neighbors. There were points last winter she would take off, but she would always come back. I would say that probably around June is when she did start to go over there and we started doing the exchange - they would bring her back or I would go get her. But it wasn't constant. I want to let her go over to the neighbors - but I want her to listen to me and know that it is her home. The problem is once she is there she won't come back on
  11. the house she goes to is probably 1/4mile through the woods, right behind our house is a small river - which i don't like her crossing after heavy rain or if there is snow! - and then either up a hill or through some marsh land. I have walked it many times going to get her and bringing her back. I can't see the house from where I am and i'm not sure if she can hear me from there or not - don't know how far they can hear! The neighbors do have have a dog. They lost one to old age in june and there springer hadn't been doing to well. They said that with Bula around he is happier and eat
  12. So last night when picking up Bula she comes running down the neighbors driveway tail wagging. I call out to her, tail tucks and she runs for there door. I walked her to the car. Journey - This morning when I took her out I made myself stay neutral in emotion and walked her around. She peed and her tail started to come untucked. Hopefully its an improvement. Fence - Getting a fence indeed! My brother gave me an electric fence, wireless, which we are getting new collars for. I also want to set up the back yard area with a privacy fence. Thanks for the suggestions and tips.
  13. argh, my husband just called and bula took off on him. he went to go tie her up outside and she got away and took off. he went to pick her up but i think she probably hid on the neighbors porch. I'll be off to get her at 7pm when I get out. I am going to talk with the people on monday to see if they can "ignore" her when she comes over, or just tie her to a tree at there place. I can't always go get her right away when she takes off cause I need to finish taking care of the horses and other dogs. so frustrating....and hubby gets mad because he doesn't want her to be locked in a
  14. i know what she does is my fault, trying to fix herself and myself. hopefully she will get over it soon! btw, I don't mind harsh comments, i'm not going to crumble and cry and defend what I do. I want to learn and to fix this issue, be it with her, me, or both of us. So if you have negative feedback I can take that as well! Thank you!
  15. i now have 2 doggy day cares next door. I want to set up a routine with her but I want her to know that she lives we me and that she needs to obey me. I have no qualms with bringing her over to play, or letting them keep her for the day, if again, its on my terms and I bring her there. Luckily there is no road in between the two houses, its just woods. I thought Bula had really good recall up until now. She will just keep going now. I have gone through the woods after her, put her on a leash, and walked her back. I have done it both ways. Acted like nothing happened, no reaction, and
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