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Boyden, you are such a handsome feller! I am so glad you are feeling well. Your mommy loves you so much, and it shows how much you love her! We love you too! Take care and help mommy not worry and just concentrate on seeing to you feeling good and having fun! Take care Boyden. You are a real trooper!

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I don't dare let Fergie see that picture. She really loved Boy at the NC picnic. Heck, she has never been willing to let me put her aside (off leash even) to take on another dog. But she thought it was fine with Boy.


BTW, Fergie's eyes come out blue in most photos. I do have a red-eye pencil, but I haven't tried it on blue-eye. Our son (now 33) takes great pride in all our red-eye photos of him.

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Good morning Boy! (well, it's morning here). You look very handsome with green eyes! Without them too, of course .

So glad things are looking better!

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