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VBCA Summer Trial results


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It was very hot. There was a nice oasis of trees next to the campers where alot of people sat and could watch the trial. Under the handler's tent became very oppressive, with no air moving.


Took this picture of the trial field with my cell phone. Sorry for the poor quality Denise and Christine :rolleyes:




It is as huge as it looks. The outrun was 650 yards. The field is wide, especially to the right.


Nancy O

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Bloomfield was a gas! Incredible field, flat, hot, and humid. Glad I went, and I'd go again, even though I had no success there. I entered to gain scope on my dogs and the trial delivered.


I see results have been posted, and the usual suspects are at the top.


Wendy V.


ps. I'll lecture the dogs to be kind to Auntie Flo's sheep and I'll bring my walking shoes! Gee, no free pony ride to the top, like at the Bluegrass?? :rolleyes:

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ohhhhhhhhhh...... I know I shouldn't do this..... but....


the reason you got the "mule" ride back was Tommy knew he'd still be at the top TODAY if he waited for you to walk all that way back!!!


Colin, ducking.....

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Well, if she does, I'll bring my tools and take down every ^%&*^(*&^%%*(()*& gate I put up on the setout and exhaust pens -- in the middle of the runs on Saturday!


Oh, to heck with the tools -- that big new chain saw will get the job done quick!



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You win the funniest comment of the week. Thanks for making me laugh at dear Sammy Jo's expense.


Sammy Jo,

I will be with you guys in spirit this week-end at the trial...... But I am not paying spirit entry fees.


Try to keep Andrea under control.


Don't melt in the heat. They keep announcing the heat warning up here every couple of minutes. The good news is that it is stressed that you should keep cold liquid in front you at all times. The bad news is that it should not contain alchohol. Well, at least you will get it half right!!!

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