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  1. Hi Cynthia! God I miss my little Libby...Hug her for me Jilll too but at least I get to see her from time to time. Anyway, you ought to get up wiht Andrea and come with her when she comes in March (not sure when you are lambing though?) Anyway, you are welcome anytime....would love to see Libby...make sure she wears her booties in all that awful canadian snow...! Laurae (sp?) The only time I would regret a placement (and would revoke it for that matter) was if someone was not being kind to my dog..I can take mistakes on the part of the handler but not if they were being nasty to or about the dogs. Not all are created equal and they all have their faults and not all handlers are created equal but I want it to be a happy learning environment for all concerned..I dont care if they ever win any ribbons or complete a course, just that all are having fun. Anyway, glad you got it worked out with your friend...
  2. Hi Julie, You are one of my favorite success stories! I have placed many of my older dogs with friends/students and it gives me the greatest pleasure in the world to watch a dog I trained go on to help someone else learn about trialing. To the person that originally asked the question, I personally always placed dogs with the stipulations that julie mentioned ie home for life, in the house, spare no expense for vet care and I know all the ppl I place with quite well...(it has worked out great with one notable exception, and even that ended up ok) Same holds true for most of the dogs I sell/sold...quite a few I sell with buy back rights so I can make sure I know where they end up... Anyway, just had to chime in to Thank Julie once again for taking care of my Jill girl...! Sam Furman Front Runner Border Collies Tucker, Fred, Tak and Kat
  3. Well I will let the lady I take lessons with see the video tomorrow...see what she says about him.. I would love for you to come and ride!!! I just put in a new ring, the footing is coming tomorrow and I will get some jumps picked up this week...I also want to set up some cross country jumps around the outside edge of the field. Anyway, just let me know, it would be fun!
  4. Oh Melainie, that is my beautiful girl!!!! Baby tuck! Heya Debbie, Yeah think that is Edgeworth weekend possibly?? I did go and ride that horse, made my mouth water...he was awsome, nice that they finally told me he had had colic surgery two years before, I RAN out of the barn and have been crying ever since.. No bargains in horses, wondered why a horse with his experience was so cheap.
  5. I didnt breed her but Tucker sure did! Poor Tak, was back at the vet today, great progress report..I called them frantic last night because he went back to three legs when the splint came off yesterday, well the bugger wasnt even limping when I took him in today, I was tempted to kick him in the leg so I wouldnt look like an idiot. Anyway, Tak is just pacing himself...He wants to stop being a broken "box" and become a "star.".. I just got the sales slip, I got 1.45 a lbs...65-70 lb lambs. Got a fair deal on shipping too. I still have about 50 lambs left and 130 ewes so no worries, Nap and Spot Glenn will have plenty of fun! Off to Berryville tomorrow to look at another horse, when you come we can trail ride, there is a state park about 5 miles from my house...if you come it time, we could go foxhunting!
  6. All my darned dogs are in Canada, Libby and Buff look great...I miss them both! Libby looks pretty darned Furry, must be all the good Canada air.... Miss you girl, still on for our Spring fling, will give you a call...gonna go look at another horse on Friday if you can believe it..got my lamb money to play with! Got GOOD money for the ones I sent this year, yipee! Hey Terry, how have you been???? Long time no hear!
  7. Many Hats off to Dean and STAR! I am so proud of you both!!! Wish I could have been there to root you on in person, but gotta stay home and take care of Brother Tak... Hugs to you both! Sam and Tuck
  8. Hello...when were you gonna spill on all this??? Nice tail btw!!!! He looks awsome!!! I cant believe I missed this, guess I better start checking more regular eh? He will be a fun project for our spring lambing fling, I can hardly wait. Have fun in the Orkneys..go Luke!
  9. Good bye Uncle Stu, I will miss you....my best to Rainey, Gordon, Jessica and Stu's other children, family and friends..he will be greatly missed. Sam Furman
  10. Spot Glen, thats cute! Glad you made it home OK and took that white crap with you..it was the only snow I got this year thank you very much...The count is now up to 120 only 5 ewes left to go...Back to the barn to stare at my horse, call ya later this week!
  11. My husband was working 6 days a week for quite awhile and had a 1 hour and 15 min drive one way.(on top of a twelve hour shift) ..it really did/does wear on him..Now he works local 3 days a week and only two days a week in town...he generally stays overnite so he only has to do the drive twice vs 4 times. I guess it is all where your priorities lie..we couldnt aford a farm like we have in town so he does the drive two days a week...it is much much better now so really think long and hard..it is a pretty big deal or at least it was for us/him.
  12. For my dogs, I like Frankie goes to Hollywood.."Relax" (dont do it!)
  13. Shay McMullen ran his dog at the Nursery finals and he found him in a ditch..you could ask him what he had to do...
  14. What was that Nancy OberneighNeigh??? I cant hear youuuuuuu.... Did you get a lump of coal in your stocking? I can only imagine! Bill, I know what has happened to your points, they gave them to Nancy O, who doesnt need them anyway (I mean really did you see ALL THOSE POINTS???)..a conspiracy to be sure...! The nerve of that Neigh Neigh anyway!
  15. Ooopes had to edit my profile, my friend gave me a plaque with this saying on it...definately words to live by!
  16. Yawn, hey there boy, that the best ye got?? Bad when miss Canada out does you.....Snifffff :)BORING.... Oh go stick it..in your stocking...and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  17. LOL somebody is on top of their game today and it aint bucket boy (wow now theres a surprise!)
  18. When that happens, I too will step on a box in front of a jury of my peers!
  19. mmm finished them today, they were GREAT!!! very cute clothespin I might add, along with all the messages...
  20. Hey Debbie, just home! Was it you that left me the clothespin?! I just now got to the cooler full of drinks and found your gift...You have no idea how much it came in handy tonight! THANKS!!!
  21. Oh my, are those "Freds" that I see..perish the thought...a red toothbrush! !!!!!
  22. I talked to him yesterday and last I heard he had gone to the hospital, and might have to have surgery next week after his trial this week! He said he was super touched by all the handlers calling and asking if he needed help this weekend, even ones that arent entered..anyway, will let you know what I hear when I see him today..He apparently tore all the ligaments in that one shoulder. Not a good thing at all..I told him he needed to call his dog in on the shed vs the other way around!
  23. Man for anyone who hasnt tried it, that bungee jump swing thing was TOPS! God the best fun!!!! The scale I had to get on before hand was the pits as was the picture my GOOD friend Robin had Kathy take of my record breaking wedgie...some fun!
  24. Unfortunately I ALSO handle a dog better hungover than I do sober which is quite often not saying much... Steve got me a cute card this year...it is a Mule with one of those loud colored mexican blankets under the saddle and draped over the tail and down to the hocks, on the outside it says birthday rule number one: Never wear anything that draws attention to your ass...How nice is that? Bet you could find that in any university bookstore. Are you going to the fair? I will be there, I love the fair!
  25. Not this year, we have now reached an age where I am no longer celebrating! Drinking heavily, but no longer celebrating! I spent this years birthday curled up in a chair and had a week long reading marathon, I read 11 books...all about a wise ass woman bounty hunter..I am currently scheduling a midlife crisis, enrolling in martial arts training going for my concealed weapons permit and applying to the police force..there comes a time when PMS is no longer enough! Steve is laying low, very very low!!!!
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