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VBCA Summer Trial results


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VBCA Summer Trial

Saturday 7/9/05


Novice Novice

1 Mary Calley Bosco 63

2 Ray Norton Brooke 60

3 Mary Calley Medbh 58

4 Pam Gardner Rusty 50


Pro Novice

1 Ray Norton Maddie 68

2 Ray Norton Mirk 63

3 Steve Bell Ted 62

4 Randy Munford Grit 62

5 David Clark Clair 60

6 Lauren Seabolt Ghyll 56



1 Carla King Emma 76

2 Randy Munford Vic 76

3 Tom Forrester Pete 75

4 Christine Koval Bess 72

5 Kay Sander Nike 71

6 Sam Furman Libby 71



1 Julie Poudrier Twist 90

2 Alasdair MacraeDon 88

3 Robin French Gael 86

4 Florence Wilson Cap 84

5 RC Tomlinson Dat 83

6 Renee Billadeau Rae 83



Sunday 7/10/05

Novice Novice

1 Ray Norton Brooke 70

2 Mary Calley Bosco 70

3 Pam Gardner Rusty 60


Pro Novice

1 Mark Billadeau Jody 74

2 David Clark Clair 73

3 Debbie Johnson Abby 72

4 Steve Bell Ted 71

5 Ray Norton Maddie 71

6 Ray Norton Mirk 66



1 Tom Forrester Pete 78

2 Pam Gardner Ferrell 77

3 Kay Sander Nike 76

4 Christine Koval Bess 76

5 Mark Billadeau Peg 74

6 Sam Furman Libby 74



1 Florence Wilson Gunner 93

2 Carla King Liz 86

3 Alasdair Macrae Don 85

4 Sam Furman Tucker 85

5 Julie Matthews Dodge 84

6 Julie Matthews Meg 84

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Originally posted by juliepoudrier:

Um, two of those Julies *aren't* me, darn it!


Oh, I know.

(And that other Julie IS really something.)


But my original post was supposed to read like, you know, a chant.

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It is great to have yet another superb handler join the VA ranks! Those of you that don't know Julie Matthews, she and her 10 year old Moss were our National Reserve Champion in Sturgis in 2003. I was one of the lucky ones fortunate enough to see her run in the double lift finals and witness the true heart and dedication of this dog and the partnership with his shepherdess. Moss gave Julie everything he had and more. He is the definition of a "working Border Collie".

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Hey Debbie, if you can't make it to this one, PLEASE try to come to Tommy and Flo's in October. You're knees may knock together when you send Ben off on that outrun and then wait and wait and wait, but you certainly won't regret the experience!

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Debbie Bailey - We are still taking entries. We'd love for you to come. There should be an entry form if you do a search. If you can't find it, email me - my computer is on the blink (thunderstorm!) but I hope to be back online in a day or so. (I'm at work right now....ssshhhh)

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Thanks, guys! Made a copy of the entry form. After the Bluegrass and now Bloomfield, I figured I didn't have enough humiliation yet this year. I'll be the one sitting under the handler's tent wearing big, wrap-around sunglasses and holding a box of kleenex (and maybe a bottle of booze).




Wendy V.

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