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  1. Liz, I thought everyone got in this year, unless your entry was late?
  2. Hmm, didn't see it either. Actually saw very very few dogs under the tent due to the weather, who wants wet muddy puppies jumping on people. I've used my foot to sweep puppies and move them back to the side (kinda of picking them up slightly with the foot and moving them over), when teaching them to not walk in front of me and continually trip me. Kicking them no, but who knows what people are thinking about it. What is "appeasement behavior"? Robin, leash around the belly seems to be an approved method anymore, since so many agility people use it now, tho I've heard warnings about
  3. Mark, my second post says "Yes Mark, it does," which was an agreement with you that it was not specific. I think we both agree on that point.
  4. Mark, I'm applying a rule, that because of the context of the rule (1 dog, 2 dogs and 3 dogs per handler) and since 3 dogs per handler does not apply to the Finals, would make me believe that it is how running orders are to be drawn. I've already agreed that the rules are confusing, as some obviously only apply to the finals but at times a distinction is not made.
  5. The only time I've come across it is in Virginia.
  6. Yes Mark, it does, but the fact that in that rule is also suggests how to do a draw when a trial allows 3 dogs per handler, it makes me think that it is for all trials, not just the finals
  7. Sue, I would always go with the one with more experience. What happens if your local vet goes in to do the TTA and finds that really a TPLO needs to be done instead? My choice of ortho vet will always be Canapp in MD. Recently had a dog have a luxating patella repaired. There were up to three different things that might need to be done, what would happen if another vet was only experienced in 2 of the 3? They weren't exactly sure what repairs were going to be needed until they actually opened up the knee.
  8. If you want to make panels: Cheap moveable panels can be made from the plastic trellis found at Home Depot. I think they are 2ft by 8ft. Cut each one in half to make them 4ft long. Get 1 step in post for each panel. Put the post in the ground and secure the panel to the post with baling twine. You can easily move them or remove them. You can also use 2 step in posts per panel, but I don't usually do that. If left in the field, the sheep will rub on them and can break the step in posts, but those are pretty cheap. As for a pen, I have one, but I never use it, my dogs are taught prop
  9. Xrays on both dogs did NOT show anything. Laura, with Ben the problem had been going on for about 18 months before I took him to the last ortho vet, and he had just been back to one of the previous vets right before this appt. He had lost over 50% of the muscle mass in that shoulder, gait was off because he wasn't putting alot of weight on that leg. They said I could spend the money for an MRI (about 1/2 the cost of the surgery), they said about 1/2 the time the MRI will show if something is fixable, the other 1/2 of the time it won't show it but if they do surgery anyway they find a fixa
  10. It was the 2005 World Team that had such a problem. My understanding was that the people that did not make arrangements ahead of time to get thier dogs back home had problems, those that made arrangements for the return trip of thier dogs before they left, did not have any problems. Here is a link to the USBCHA site of the selection process for the 2008 World Team I was a member of the 2008 World Team, is it expensive, yes. Am I glad I went, yes. People held fund raisers for me which paid for getting my dog there and back. A friend went with me, so costs of B&B's and car were spl
  11. Laura, I've had 2 dogs with shoulder injuries that did not show on xray, at 2 different ortho vets. The first dog was working in the muck, came up lame in the shoulder. xrays never showed anything. long story short, when he had surgery (he had lost over 50% of his muscle mass by that time and was not dx at the first ortho vet) they found large amt of rotator cuff injury and that a tendon had slipped over the shoulder joint and had worn away the joint. They repaired the rotator cuff and tendon, but nothing could be done for the worn shoulder joint. This dog would be intermittently lame
  12. Hi Caroline, I recently purchased this dvd and have watched about 3/4 of it. I think it's well suited for someone who is just starting out. He does alot of explanation for preparing to train your dog, the setup needed, the commands etc. He shows 3 different styles of dogs starting, one that just wants to hold sheep to the fence, one not very enthusiastic, and one that's a bit wild starting. He shows the problems he has in trying to get them going around the sheep and some ways to work thro them. I have to admit I laughed at a few spots, recognizing the same problems I may have had whe
  13. Megan, I think for over there the pen is supposed to be 8' x 9' with a 6 ft rope. I don't think there is any regulation of how tall it can be.
  14. I "rescued" a 3 year old working dog, he's not worked for about a year. I know his history. He was allowed to run loose alot when younger and is a deer runner, they live in a state park where there are tons of deer. The previous owner really got on him for running away and now jumps fences to get away when someone is hollering, even if it's not at him. He probably would just jump fences anyway. Prior to taking him permanently, I was helping out his previous owner and had him at my house, which has about 1/2 acre fenced yard with 4ft wire fence. I was putting him into a covered outdoor dog
  15. Be sure to check your local ordinances. Around here, to have 1, count it 1 sheep, you have to have a minimum of 10 acres. If you want a horse you have to have 2 acres. My 12 acres is split into about a 7 acre field and a 5 acre field.
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