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Thank you everyone.

D'Elle, I'm just curious as to why you said you can use Charlee Bears "occasionally" - are they not good to use consistently in training?  I've never heard of these before.  I've tended to avoid carrots, as they seemed to stick in my other dogs throats. 

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Oh, I guess a few reasons..... because they are wheat and not much else, and so not really the most healthy things in quantity. And, they take a couple of seconds to chew up. What I am training is often something that needs very quick treats, something the dog doesn't have to chew, so I tend to use soft things by preference. I don't want my dog to lose focus or stop moving while consuming the treat.

Also, most dogs don't exactly go nuts for them, so they are a low-value treat. 

I wonder if small carrot pieces would still be a problem? I always make all of my treats as small as possible, because I give lots and lots of them when I am training a new behavior.

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I can't recommend Rabbit Ears enough. They are around 14 calories and become the go to treat for my dog. If you get ones with fur on they are natural dewormer and help clean out the dogs digestive system too! The contents are good nutritionally as it's a lot of protein like collagen etc, the dog loves it as it's very chewy but no risk whatsoever to the dog vs a bone which can snap and splinter. 

My local pet shop sells a big bag for around 16 dollars and it lasts 6 months easily.  


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