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  1. Hi All Thank you for the helpful responses. Apologies for any inaccuracies with terminology I am not too versed in dog biology. When using the above diagram I'd say confidently my dog has the purple boxed traits: I think what confuses me is she definitely has an abdominal tuck that rises above the rib cage and you can easily feel the ribs under slight fat cover. The only point I'd say she doesn't match this diagram on is the top view of the waist, where she isn't quite as thin as the Ideal diagram and is closer to the overweight top down view. In honesty I think I do perhaps give her too many calories in a single day so I've reduced her daily intake as well as made a conscious effort to work her harder during our fetch/running sessions. Her original daily feeding schedule: 800g of wet dog food (Approx 800 calories) 1x Rabbit ear (Unknown calories) 1x Dental Stick (Approx 232 calories) Approx 320 calories of treats whilst training When looking at recommendations for a 40lb female border collie guides I've seen say go for about 1110 calories to maintain a healthy weight. So I think this will be my goal, reduce her calorie intake from 1352 to around 1110, push harder whilst exercising and I think this will help. Thank you for your tips and experience. If you have any tips regarding alternative types of food that might help in this endeavour that would be really helpful. She used to feed off dry food but got bored of it and would play with it/not finish it hence why I give her wet food. I am from the UK if that's worth mentioning.
  2. Hi I have a 16 month old Border Collie female. She is from working stock. I have been advised in the past by vets as well as read online that the way to tell if a Border Collie is overweight is by the following points: - When looking up do they have a dip at the waist or is it flat? - When looking at the belly, is there a visible dip upwards or is it straight? - When you press your fingers lightly against the sides can you feel the rib cage? My dog ticks all of these boxes, from above she has a clear dip inwards at the waist, her belly has a prominent dip, when I run my fingers across her sides I can feel her ribs with hardly any pressure. With all that said, I was today advised by the vet that because she weighs 20kg she is overweight. I am trying to ascertain whether I am being too generous with treats and/or not providing enough exercise that is causing her to be heavier than the average female of this age and breed. When I looked at a weight chart she is exactly the weight of the average male for her age. So to clarify, her weight is 20kg, she is 18" tall from the spine. I exercise her daily, she has 2 hour long walks and an hour of fetch with a frisbee or ball. She is quite lean, with prominent and dense muscles all up her legs and upper body. Is the vet correct and is my dog overweight despite having traits that typically indicate a healthy body to fat ratio? I've read posts of people who have a bigger than average border and I was wondering if it is possible that her particular genetics might mean she is just a bigger than average Border and she is in fact healthy?
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