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Every day we start our day with a 2-3½ mile hike around our suburban neighborhood. For the rest of everyday, both dogs have unfettered access to our fenced back yard via dog door.  Lately, by midafternoon every day both dogs have brown spots on their noses and hard spots in their black fur that feels like an overabundance of hardened hairspray.  It's not really a problem as it comes of easily on a warm, wet washcloth.  Nonetheless, I am curious about what they may be getting into.  Any ideas?  We have a backyard garden that is currently planted with ginger, tomatoes, spaghetti squash, oregano, parsley and thyme. 

Dirty Blue.jpg

Dirty Bonnie.jpg

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Just a soaker hose that runs only in the garden, only for 30 minutes every other day.  The pups are denied access to the yard when this is going on as Bonnie "attacks" the soaker hose when it is in operation.  She is actually quite the gardener.  She used to bite our hands when we tried to pull weeds.  Now she pulls them for us when we ask her to.  I have a little video but don't think this site will let me post it.  

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Great picture!

It's hard to get these 2 out of the water, no enticement w/ toys necessary. My first border collie was like this too, though it was even harder to persuade him to get out. They all swim or swam for the sheer pleasure of it. I've had others who liked to splash around, but weren't dedicated swimmers like these 2 1/2 (the sable one's a mix) have been.


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That picture was made behind my father's house on the Ross Barnett reservoir.  We always take beach vacations and both dogs adore the ocean—even that freezing stuff in Northern California and Oregon.

The spots on their faces persist.  I'm sure it is some kind of plant sap but cannot figure out what plant it is coming from.  They get a fresh batch of sticky spots after each of our morning walks 90% of which is past well-maintained suburban lawns.  It's not a big deal as a warm, wet wash cloth and a little elbow grease gets it off and they don't mind being wiped down.  I'm just puzzled about where it is coming from.

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