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Gibbs and his new 'fans'

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I take Gibbs to our community center a few times a week for his morning walk. Today, there were a couple fire trucks and several firefighters there, doing drills w/equipment.


On our way back to the car, the firefighters were packing up. I took the opportunity to have Gibbs practice his 'check it out' cue, as there were a LOT of things that he probably hadn't seen before.


Turnout coats on top of boots - no problem.

Tall man w/deep voice picking rolling hose up - a little cautious.

Rumbling diesel engines - no problem.


Etc. He did well, the firefighters were glad to help me 'train' him and asked a few questions about border collies. I'm gonna have to get a phone w/a better camera.


Ruth and Gibbs

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