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  1. Cute! And great coloring! Our last bc was a bc/ black German Shepherd mix and she was the best dog we've ever had. Our new pup is bc/Aussie mix and she is awesome as well. Your pup should turn out to be an awesome dog they are all good breeds in my opinion.
  2. I removed the garbage and That helped because she obviously can't get it lol but she has no food aggression towards her own food at all I could touch her mouth while she's eating and she wouldn't do a thing. But now if she ever starts that I know how to fix it thank you D'elle.
  3. Thank you for the input she hasn't ever done this before so I'm not terrified or anything lol but I do enjoy getting constructive criticism as I'm open to different methods when others don't work. And also want to nip it in the bud before it can progress any further.
  4. Little update on lady... She has stopped acting up toward my five year old with a lot of educating my daughter on how to act around the dog. A new problem has risen of lady begging at the table ( by standing with front paws on your chair) and getting into the garbage. I have tried to correct her vocally by telling uh-huh and to sit and then calling her away from the situation. Sometimes it works but when it doesn't Im sure I'm making a mistake somewhere as to why I'm asking for advice anyways... When vocally commanding her doesn't work I try to gently move her with my hand she has bitten me several times in the past couple of days in doing so and gives no warning such a growl this morning I threw some bacon grease into the trash and she was eating it would not listen to me to get down so I walked up and tried to remove her from the garbage and she bit me and broke the skin. She has never shown any food or toy aggression ever! So I'm thinking I'm handling this the wrong way. She has only just recently started this yesterday so I want to start addressing this correctly right away. Any and all suggestions appreciated.
  5. I think it's awesome what you are doing for him. Knowing you are not alone also helps you are doing the right thing many of the people on these boards have had to go through the hard time of a dog getting old or sick and I agree with Denice and tea they have given good advice.
  6. I Feel as though the e collar should never be used but to each their own. I would never use one and I also don't think anyone is meaning to be "mean" they are just being honest. E collars are horrible and I think if you are using it to keep her away from certain areas or hazards like you say maybe she should just be on a long lead just a thought. I think she is hiding the ball because she is scared of playing with it you are teaching her that it's a negative thing and confusing her. I would not take these people's advise negativly I would learn from it and stop using that collar. You asked for help and you got it.
  7. I feel for you knowing how painful this has to be for you we lost our bc at 7 years old a few months back to a lymph node cancer and several seizers. It's very hard to let go and I agree to not let them suffer. I can not tell you when to put your dog to sleep as I am not around to see his condition and it isn't my place to say. If he starts to be in a tremendous amount of pain that can not be relieved I would say that is when it is time. It's hard to say this but no one is ever ready to have to let their best friend go even when we know it is time. That being said when it is time we have to be completely selfless so that they do not have to suffer. They know we love them more than anything and in someway I think they understand. Your boy is very beautiful and I'm sending a lot of love and prayers your guy's way. I wish you the best please keep us updated.
  8. Thanks for the info i will deffinetly look into it and keep on updating us it's amazing to watch!
  9. I love this thread! What a joy to watch her do these courses. She's very beautiful. I have never done agility and we have a 13 week old pup. And was wondering how you got her started and what age to start at? And can she compete if she is a bc/ausse mix? Even if she couldn't compete I think it would be much fun for her to get energy out.
  10. Yay what a good boy! I'm glad he had a good learning experience.
  11. Haha you guys a funny I think lady would flip out if I even brought a blow dryer near her. She get weird when the air conditioner is on because of the noise.
  12. Thank you! I'm quite excited to see her coat progress into adulthood. She had only to spots on her nose when we got her and now she has spot allover her muzzle, legs and back. My husband didn't believe me she would be ticked so I did some research and watched her grow for a few weeks and in no time at all sure enough to she was getting her spots her skin underneath is pink with black spots allover.
  13. Yes teresaserrano the white gets various diffent colors if my children use chalk on the patio lady turns into a rainbow dog lol. And airbear the slow dryer would probably being taking it a little far lol!
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