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  1. Cute! And great coloring! Our last bc was a bc/ black German Shepherd mix and she was the best dog we've ever had. Our new pup is bc/Aussie mix and she is awesome as well. Your pup should turn out to be an awesome dog they are all good breeds in my opinion.
  2. I removed the garbage and That helped because she obviously can't get it lol but she has no food aggression towards her own food at all I could touch her mouth while she's eating and she wouldn't do a thing. But now if she ever starts that I know how to fix it thank you D'elle.
  3. Thank you for the input she hasn't ever done this before so I'm not terrified or anything lol but I do enjoy getting constructive criticism as I'm open to different methods when others don't work. And also want to nip it in the bud before it can progress any further.
  4. Little update on lady... She has stopped acting up toward my five year old with a lot of educating my daughter on how to act around the dog. A new problem has risen of lady begging at the table ( by standing with front paws on your chair) and getting into the garbage. I have tried to correct her vocally by telling uh-huh and to sit and then calling her away from the situation. Sometimes it works but when it doesn't Im sure I'm making a mistake somewhere as to why I'm asking for advice anyways... When vocally commanding her doesn't work I try to gently move her with my hand she has bitten me several times in the past couple of days in doing so and gives no warning such a growl this morning I threw some bacon grease into the trash and she was eating it would not listen to me to get down so I walked up and tried to remove her from the garbage and she bit me and broke the skin. She has never shown any food or toy aggression ever! So I'm thinking I'm handling this the wrong way. She has only just recently started this yesterday so I want to start addressing this correctly right away. Any and all suggestions appreciated.
  5. I think it's awesome what you are doing for him. Knowing you are not alone also helps you are doing the right thing many of the people on these boards have had to go through the hard time of a dog getting old or sick and I agree with Denice and tea they have given good advice.
  6. I Feel as though the e collar should never be used but to each their own. I would never use one and I also don't think anyone is meaning to be "mean" they are just being honest. E collars are horrible and I think if you are using it to keep her away from certain areas or hazards like you say maybe she should just be on a long lead just a thought. I think she is hiding the ball because she is scared of playing with it you are teaching her that it's a negative thing and confusing her. I would not take these people's advise negativly I would learn from it and stop using that collar. You asked for help and you got it.
  7. I feel for you knowing how painful this has to be for you we lost our bc at 7 years old a few months back to a lymph node cancer and several seizers. It's very hard to let go and I agree to not let them suffer. I can not tell you when to put your dog to sleep as I am not around to see his condition and it isn't my place to say. If he starts to be in a tremendous amount of pain that can not be relieved I would say that is when it is time. It's hard to say this but no one is ever ready to have to let their best friend go even when we know it is time. That being said when it is time we have to be completely selfless so that they do not have to suffer. They know we love them more than anything and in someway I think they understand. Your boy is very beautiful and I'm sending a lot of love and prayers your guy's way. I wish you the best please keep us updated.
  8. Thanks for the info i will deffinetly look into it and keep on updating us it's amazing to watch!
  9. I love this thread! What a joy to watch her do these courses. She's very beautiful. I have never done agility and we have a 13 week old pup. And was wondering how you got her started and what age to start at? And can she compete if she is a bc/ausse mix? Even if she couldn't compete I think it would be much fun for her to get energy out.
  10. Yay what a good boy! I'm glad he had a good learning experience.
  11. Haha you guys a funny I think lady would flip out if I even brought a blow dryer near her. She get weird when the air conditioner is on because of the noise.
  12. Thank you! I'm quite excited to see her coat progress into adulthood. She had only to spots on her nose when we got her and now she has spot allover her muzzle, legs and back. My husband didn't believe me she would be ticked so I did some research and watched her grow for a few weeks and in no time at all sure enough to she was getting her spots her skin underneath is pink with black spots allover.
  13. Yes teresaserrano the white gets various diffent colors if my children use chalk on the patio lady turns into a rainbow dog lol. And airbear the slow dryer would probably being taking it a little far lol!
  14. This is lady finally figured out how to post picture yay!
  15. URL=http://s1339.photobucket.com/user/Jcreiglow0394/media/IMG_20170425_130738_zpsdnwszoxh.jpg.html][/url]
  16. Thanks for all the replies! I will never wash her again lol. I did some research on top of all your comments and your completely right!. And Diane Allen I have soooo many pictures of her but I don't know how to load them it always tells me my pictures are to big she is a beauty I'll definitely post if you can give me pointers on a website to load them to so I can attach them or whatnot
  17. Thanks sueR and D'Elle I will definitely be getting her onto a solid recall before anything else and I think the whistle is an awesome idea! Thank you so much! Oh and the thing about not knowing if the dog whistle is working or not because you yourself can't hear it had me laughing and wondering 'yes how can we know if it is working?'
  18. That's great advice. Thank you gentle lake and urge to herd. we have only bathed her twice and it was because she loves loves loves the mud But now that you both have pointed out washing her wouldn't be good. It makes as much sense as to why I do not wash my hair every day due to it drying out. So duh I could kick myself​ for not thinking about it. Other time we just rinse her off with clear water which works fine so we will just keep doing that. I didnt want anything like a conditioner so her fur wouldnt stop producing natural oils same with humans hair if they condition to often. So the salmon oil is an awesome idea. Thank you both I truly appreciate the helpful advice
  19. Hello! I have a 12 week old border collie that is masked and the rest of her body is white which is turning out to be ticked allover. She has a longer coat and I was wondering what anyone else uses to make her coat nice and shiny. When we do bath her she is washed with Burt's bees dogs shampoo. I'm looking for something natural that I can use that won't make her greasy haven't looked into anything on the internet and knew how many of bc parents are on her and thought maybe you'd have recommendations on something or if I should just leave her alone lol. I don't want to use anything all the time because I don't want to ruin the oil balance her coat already produces. Thank you in advance for any advice.
  20. Thank you teresaserrano I think you are right as well she does act playful when she doing it and my daughter is loud lol so I'm working on that she bites her hard but her body language and her face tells me it's play time for her. But you are right about when she gets older as that's the main thing I was concerned about is her being big and trying to play like that with kids. And thanks sue r I will definitely subscribe. I will do anything that helps because as I said I'm not going to give up on her she is here with us for her life time. We are not the type to get a dog and give up because things get rough. We were ready for her to probably act this way as most puppies do not fully understanding self control this young I have been working on a strong Leave it with her hoping that helps out and not allowing her to be left alone with the kids so I can supervise all interactions they have together.
  21. Thank you for responding I totally agree with you and will be seeking help just so At least I can get an understanding of how to handle the situation. The pup is still young and does act playful while acting this way. She's a very good dog over all and learns quickly so I have a lot of confidence in her and am not to troubled by it. I was just curious if anyone had a similar experience and how they handled it. But as I said before I think having a professional help me would give me more of an understanding of my dogs body language when she does this and what is triggering the response so that i can better educate my daughter on how to act around our beloved pup. Thank you for at Least responding knowing it is difficult to give advice on the Internet without be able to see exactly what's going on.
  22. Hello these are probably considered dumb questions. But I would like to handle my situation in the most positive way possible. And I'm sure there are alot of you with some ideas that I haven't read on or already thought of. I have an 12 week old bc Aussie mix named lady. She is a quick learner and honestly has been a pretty easy puppy to train until about a week an a half ago. She first started getting very mouthy with me during training session ( like snapping for her treats being pushy about me rewarding her.) When she does this I correct her verbally and have her complete the command before rewarding her and don't let her have the treat until she takes it nicely​ which she is pretty good at with a quick be nice before giving it. But when she is a little naughty she has slowly stopped listening as much. She is a very quick learner she learned sit and shake at 8 weeks and roll at 9 so I know she comprehends commands well. But the shortly after this started she has been challenging my 5 yr old for dominance by pouncing on her biting her and when my daughter stands up and tells her to sit lady starts getting low in front with her butt up and barking and growling slowing getting closer and snapping until she makes contact with my daughters heels. She won't listen to my daughter when I enter the room she hides under the bed poking her head out still showing aggression towards my daughter. I have to physically remove lady from the situation all together to get her to stop. I have just recently started having my daughter feed her at feeding times and having her do training periods with small treats having her tell lady to sit and lady down nothing to complex just basic commands​ that she can use when lady jumps or bites at her. But she still continues the behavior. I also have a daughter who is a year and a half who seems to have asserted more Dominance over the pup than my five year old. If lady jumps she says no no and sit. And the dog listens or walks away. It's odd to me that she picks on the bigger of the two and not the smaller. I'm asking for advice on teaching my child and the dog. Since we all know that there is a big importance with how a child reacts to a situation that can make a big difference. I'm only worried because I don't want her to still be doing this when she grows bigger where she can seriously hurt my children​. Also should add that she still ( which I know she will do for a while since she is still such a baby) bites arms constantly when petting and will get overly excited and bite at your face and ears. Thank you in advance. I appreciate it all.
  23. Also she shows no aggression towards other dogs she just wants to play play play same thing with any people that come over to our house.
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