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Kylie and I trialed this weekend. 7 runs over 2 days.

She qualified in every single thing she ran.

She finished her novice regular yesterday and moved up to open today - and qualified in both runs. She finished her tunneler's title - with the fastest time I've ever seen from her. She got both her T 'n' G Qs, with times that would have gotten her open Qs, too.


Mostly, though, I'm so so proud of her weaves this weekend. We've had ongoing weave issues in trials. She was better yesterday, when there were 6 on the novice course. I didn't have ANY real expectations in Open and. She got them! I got so excited I temporarily forgot the rest of the course and REALLY didn't expect her to have made time.

But she did.

And then she did it again.


She worked and ran her heart out for me and had a great time and I just - she has come so far and I am so proud.

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Thanks, guys.


I realized just a few minutes ago that this is the first trial where I didn't *expect* to do awfully - and basically defeat myself before I started in the process. I don't mean nerves, either. I mean this is the first time I've gone in and not tried so very hard to keep from applying pressure to myself and the dog that I went the complete opposite direction and said 'Nah, we're going to suck'.


Someone told me today - someone who does practices and sees us run - that we could do the elite course I was watching and analyzing. And I didn't immediately go 'Nah, that's way too hard'. I just admitted that, yes, yes we could. Maybe not make TIME yet, but it wasn't outside our skill set.

Don't get me wrong, our skills have improved a TON over the whole four trials we've done. That IS a big part of it, but recognizing that I don't have to actively expect to fail to NOT be crazy caught up in success feels like a big deal right now.

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Thanks guys! I'm pretty proud of her. Still trying to sort my plans/goals for the rest of this year, but she's done so well and she's so much fun.


Breed wise - she really, really looks papish sometimes. Sometimes kind of like a sheltie. One woman is convinced she looks like a corgi, but frankly I think it's because (to me) she's got a pretty chi-like body - shorter legs, deeper chest, but not so much so that she's in corgi territory.

Whatever she is, she's AWESOME.

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Kylie was dragging butt - this was the last run of the show 'n' go for her and she wasn't energetic even at the start (busy weekend)- and there are a couple of bobbles on my end, but I am so happy with this.

So, so happy.


We've had major weave struggles. Having her get 12 offside weaves somewhere away from home- even as slow as she was there - is a huge accomplishment.

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