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It is with great pleasure that I get to introduce Faye's new pups. They are a week and a day old. Ms Faye had 6 wee baby girls and 1 bruiser boy!

They are all doing wonderful!

For your viewing pleasure!






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Alisdair's Alba Cap. Most of them have his tri markings.

Faye thinks 7 is way to many. We have a deal. If they're awake and whiney she has to go in the box. If they are sleeping she can come out.

now she's asking to work....not yet!

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So their shared momma is Nell. Who is your Celt's sire?


Can't wait to see who's smooth and who's a med. Coat. I have 2 picked out, both dark face tri's but I want smooth so not sure yet. we have 4 tri females 2 blk and white and 1 very smooth blk with only a bit of white male.

an acquaintance of mine that lives kinda close bred her dam to Cap and got 8 boys and only 1 girl! Funny that it goes like that.

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Thanks guys

Teresa I'm in Missouri so you're safe. Portugal is way to far to come visit!

love puppy noises. They are just darling. They sound like cats purring or human babies whining.

Geesh....I'm smitten. I'm sure things will change with puppy poop but for now...bliss!


We need a like button same as on FB.

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