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SuperGibbs is turning into a social rockstar

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I've had Gibbs since Aug, 2011. When he came to us he was very shy, and would bark at strangers. He took a long time to warm up to visitors, men more then women. Greeting a an unknown man made him very uncomfortable, women he began to warm up to more quickly. If I had someone in the house doing any kind of repairs, I'd just shut him in the bedroom.


So he's been getting out and about much more these last couple years. My neighbors all know him because they hear him yodeling at me to hurry up on our walks. Everybody smiles when they see him, and he's gotten friendly with a lot of them.


Just the last month or so he's taken a big jump forward. He's gone from letting a stranger pet him once then turning to me for a treat to actually approaching strangers when I cue him and standing there, enjoying being petted. He 'invited' two gentlemen we passed on our walk today to pet him by approaching them, and nudging their hands. Knock me over with a feather.


I know that he's much more comfortable around people, but this last step of being a social butterfly has just surprised and pleased me quite a bit.


The Moral of the Story Is - You never know what they can achieve.


Ruth and SuperGibbs

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How awesome :) WTG Gibbs!!


Several years ago my grandma had a barn cat. For years the cat was a definite scaredy cat. Would slink around and avoid people like the plague. Then something started to change and within 6 months she decided she liked people and attention.

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Well done!

Sometimes I think we should all (well, all of us having issues) record our walks. It can be hard to see how much progress you've made, and some days you want to despair- if you could see the beginning it'd be a lot easier, I think. And you'd get to record moments like this!

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I love to read these stories. Bett is so fearful of strangers, and reactive to people and dogs on walks, it's tough on us both. I keep trying to keep a positive attitude that she's going to become a social butterfly (or at least tolerate the presence of strangers).


Yay for you and Gibbs!!

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