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My little girl :)

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Our rescue pup is now 10 weeks old, we've had her for 2 weeks. I am so happy with her and she is just a doll. She listen's so well, is great with new people and kids, and loves wrestling with my aussie.


Can I just say how good it feels to have a dog that truly loves learning SO much? My ridgeback is a hound, willing to please most of the time, but still a hound and can be stubborn. My aussie, although smarter than he, is the obnoxious kind of smart that basically reminds me of a teenage girl "make me want to do it" attitude. So, so far 2 stubborn dogs, which I have grown accustomed to dealing with.... But this girl, she's a dream. She learned down in 10 minutes, sit the next day, and shake in seconds. She even works for dog food when the bowl is full sitting right next to her! So happy to learn and ready to work. LOVE IT.


Just love her!


We named her Kelty :)





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She does have good eye & crouch, although she uses it mostly when playing with my aussie LOL. But I hope to take her to some sheep herding lessons soon.


I have had issue with her catching chickens, yet she ignores them completely when I am around. She thinks (the free range) that they belong near their pen, so when I have caught her with one, she usually grabs one that squats, but she never hurt one. But sure did get into lots of trouble for it! We had to put up a fence to keep her from doing that when I am not out there with her.

But really, she's been great. Even still. She follows me like my shadow, I mentioned it in another thread because she even trips me up with her head between my legs sometimes LOL. She listens at the drop of a hat. So far, she hates car rides. And likes to bark at the barn cat. Or my horse (which she also got no nos for). I would say her level of intensity has gone up, but she sure has a great can do attitude, sometimes shutting down if she doesn't know what Im asking of her.


she's also really protective of me. She's pretty much border collie through and through. She listens SO well. Super smart. Brave and driven, yet kind of sensitive to the point I have to lower myself to get her to do some things. She just wants to please. The most surprising thing I would say is her energy level. While she can go on forever, she doesn't drive us insane. Maybe because she has enough jobs out here and a play mate to run with, I dont know, but my Aussie defintiely is more high energy than she.


My only disappointment is her total lack of any toy drive thus far.

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