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Last night when I got home from work my 17 yr old son asked if I could baby sit his girlfriend's puppy for about two hours. I said bring it on, not knowing how young/tiny it is. They told me "Michah" is 8 weeks old but I dunno, looks younger to me. I was told she "might be Beagle" but that's about all the info I got on her before she's dumped in my lap.


I put her on the floor and my two other dogs greet her by continuous sniffing her rear. Once introductions are done, they all start to play. She's a feisty little gal and would occasionally nip at their noses and they were always in her behind. She fell asleep in my lap after about 15 minutes of play.


Besides being an absolute doll, I have no idea what breeds this pup is. I got Sammy at 8 weeks and he was waaaaaaay bigger. I took some pics of them playing but everyone was moving around so fast these are about as good as I could get. If she really is 8 weeks I would think she'll still be pretty tiny as an adult. What you you think?






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I think Beagle/ Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a good guess, or - a long shot - Beagle/ Clumber Spaniel. She looks "thicker" than either a Beagle or a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to me - heavy bone and a rather thick neck.


Clumber Spaniels are not always as "coaty" as the ones seen in the show rings.





This Beagle is the color - but much lighter-boned looking to me.



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I helped foster a pup a couple years ago that looks like him... my foster was a Brittany x Pointer (or so they said). Your pup looks like it has beagle in it to me...



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