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  1. She is doing wonderful! I think she might just be the sweetest goofiest dog I know. She is super smart and just adores my mom. Like seriously never leaves her side. Mom is very smitten too. Always talking about her Stinker-Tinker. She does get chiropractic adjustments every three months. She gets a little out of alignment with her shorter back leg. She gets dasuquin daily. Completely obsessed with toys and in fact mom hides them otherwise she will just hound you with them. Just want to shout out a Thank you MWBCR for a great dog and for doing what you do to help this breed.
  2. Patches is coming to work with me for a dental and I am dropping moms dog Tinkerbell off at the groomer.
  3. The best food is going to be different for every dog. Just want to point out TOTW and 4health are both produced by Diamond. Diamond has had a few large recalls over the years. I trust Fromm, Nutrisource, Earthborn, Farmina, Dr. Tims and Annamaet.
  4. Glad surgery went well. Sending speedy recovery vibes!
  5. So sorry I've been away. Tinker is much better and has not had and more exercise intolerance episodes. We never really came up with why she was having problems. I wonder if it was because the heat finally hit hard around that time and she just wasn't acclimated with it yet.
  6. Five pounds seems like an awful lot in one week. Hoping it was just the extra food though and not hypothyrodism.
  7. I brought Tinker to work with me today to do chest x-rays. Mom said she just isn't acting right to her. She gets tired after only ten throws I the yard with a toy. She gags after running sometimes or even just randomly in the house. Also ain't really wanting to eat right away like she used to. Oh and starts to pant when she has not even done anything. She seems to have inflamed airways. We sent off a CBC to ISU. Will probably get the results tomorrow. Everything else in her looks good, besides that nasty healed break in her leg. Oh and we saw arthritis in her back already. She's not even two. So anyway mom is worried about her little girl. Thanks y'all!
  8. I really hope he recovers fully from this. Sending hugs and prayers for Tio. It's so sad when they are not themselves.
  9. Well she will be playing with toys or trying to get us to throw them for her and then bam she smells. We have her scheduled for Thursday!
  10. I have Petplan for my three year old Lab. $200 deductible and 80% reimbursement. Up to $10,00 on coverage.
  11. I think he looks fine. I don't ever even look at the bags measuring guidelines.
  12. How much pumpkin would you add for a 35# dog?
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