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Well we got xrays this sundays.

Vet said she doesn't see any signs of HD and thinks his "limp" was just a sprain. He's been acting ok his normal self. Don't really see him walking weird anymore.







Hips. What do you guys think



not sure where his tail went in this one...




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The x-rays are normal and Jinx is acting himself. Good news. You did, IMO, the right thing. Rather than just worry, you obtained a professional opinion. You must be relieved.


Believe I understand dog anatomy much better after seeing the images. Thanks.


A young vet casually dropped the "arthritis" word on me years ago, after taking my young BC in for a check due to brief lameness. I did the same thing, and payed for x-rays, which showed nothing abnormal. The pictures took a large weight off my mind. Josie is older now, and showing no symptoms (with appropriate thanks to the vet, God and myself).


Good for you and your dog. -- TEC

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