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  1. That got me and my 4 yr old laughing! Thanks, I really needed a good laugh today.
  2. Star was like this when we got her at 11 weeks. I installed the game "red light, green light" because I have two young boys. When ever Star would get into one of her crouch and stare sessions when we walked through the house, I would calmly say "red light" all movement stopped. As soon as she would look towards me I would toss one of her ropebones. As she would go after that I would tell the boys "green light". Playtime would continue and we had happy puppy.
  3. I would be the first to agree about NO pit breeds in my home, but that was before I raised one myself and learned what type of dog they really are. I have every right to be afraid of the breed but again I am not. It wasn't the breed that attacked me, it was the owner. I pit breed will react they way that they are raised. If you raise it to be a happy healthy well socialized dog then there is not going to be issues. If you raise it like a junk yard dog that is out for blood then that is how the dog will react. My DH's heartdog was a Pitbull Bull Mastiff mix. I also have a neighbor who has a pitbull service dog, sweetest dog you could ever meet.
  4. I got into raw feeding because of my 15 month old BC. I have had him on high quality kibble for most of his life. We noticed that with foods that contained corn or rice in them his undercoat would fall out and NOT regrow no matter how many supplements of good quality we used. I tried a verity of foods trying to figure out what was causing it. After much research and consulting with my vet who feeds her own dogs a raw diet, we came up with what my two are eating now. I can see some regrowth of his undercoat, small but it has only been 2.5 weeks since he was switched to raw. Time will tell but he is happier, and more energetic.
  5. Sounds to me like he needs more mental stimulation. Have you tried teaching him silly "pet" tricks?
  6. Yeah, she didn't go for that one. Guess after Christmas would be a good time to go get one of my own. Any suggestions on brands?
  7. That is actually something I had not thought of! I will see if my m.i.l. will allow me to use hers as long as I get the fishy smell out of it before returning it.
  8. Congrats Bodi! And congrats to you too.
  9. Thanks guys, great to know! I will be adding fish to their diet slowly.
  10. Green tripe is expensive here but I am able to get fresh fish easily enough, just have to go fishing. Would you descale the fish before feeding? I catch rainbow and brown trout regularly.
  11. Ok thanks for the heads up. I will mark that one off the list.
  12. Ok thank so much GentleLake. I was not sure so thought I would ask. Are they safe for them to eat after having been processed?
  13. Hello raw feeders. I am wondering if "Beef Tripas" is muscle meat or organ meat. Beef tripas is intestine, specifically the small intestine. Is it safe to feed my dogs or should I consider a different organ to use?
  14. Sage has "tank feet" as well. He wakes me up by walking back and forth from our room to the kitchen. Though if that doesn't work he sticks his cold wet nose on the back of my neck. Star on the other hand is very quiet, not even toenail clicking from her. The cat is like Sage though. Thunder paws describes it well.
  15. Watching that actually made me feel sick. I feel for that dog, she should not have to pay for what he has done to her.
  16. Glad to hear everything is ok. Those xrays look really good to me, but I am not a professional.
  17. I use my boys as targets for tracking. They think its a fun game of "Hide and Seek" that they get to play with the dogs. I also focus more on urban tracking rather then wilderness.
  18. Yes they are. Most of the border collies that one will come across are between 25 and 40 pounds. Though there are a few that stay at 20ish pounds and huge ones that go over 55 pounds.
  19. I loved doing tracking with my other dogs. Now that my ankle is finaly healed enough for hiking again, and Sage is starting to get his brain back, I am starting his training in ernest again.
  20. If only the rabies and county tags where like those!
  21. I have to agree with others that he needs supervision outside. I was also going to suggest the angled wire at the top as well. They do have the chain link toppers that usually have barbed wire for the top, I would just use a different type of wire instead. Like a smaller/shorter section of chain link or even 2' wire mesh that can be strung along the top and secured to the supports.
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