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Im not asking, im just stating a fact...

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Border Collies are tops...lol


and, we must be mad


not one but TWO rescue dogs (and wifey looking for a third as we speak)


Bothe from the Border Collie trust (Rugeley)


Glen...nd Tilly - who isnt QUITE what one would think of as a Collie (we almost had her down as a WELSH SHEEPDOG) but displays all the BC traits....




They get on very well.....





BTW, thanks to digital cameras i have 1000's of images, if i get boring just say so...

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Awwq, your dogs are beautiful! (And their ears are adorable.) :)


I have a rescue BC, too. My old man, Jesse, is now 13-1/2, but I got him at age 2 and he turned out to be a brilliant farm dog. I do my best to keep him pampered and spoiled in his however-dotty old age. ;)


Thanks for showing off your "kids."


~ Gloria

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We actually renamed her in honour of Madeline East, a lady in County Donegal, Ireland who rescues animals, they have a problem with BC's - our 1st (Glen) came across from Ireland (actually all 3 of ours did), Madeline had Glen for 8 months (I think she couldnt let him go), luckily Glens paperwork came with an email for Madeline and now we are in contact via Facebook


This is her FB community page


Jessie dog rescue, Co Donegal

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its 22.09 here


Glen and Maddie are in thier baskets.........snoring


I should point out that they all sleep in our bedroom....

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Well today, damn it, we went and "rescued" another BC..





I'm jealous! :wub: But, congratulations.

Looks like you've got a B&W, a smooth, and a red & white.

I have a B&W and a red & white....and I plan to get a smooth as my next one.

Isn't diversity wonderful??!!



ETA: Oh, and the Brian May quote led me to look up his life and his advocacy of animal welfare. Quite an interesting read....not to mention I love Queen. Never knew all that. thanks.

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