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I know nothing about herding but I really enjoyed that. Happy looking dogs there, I love the "he sleeps outside in te snow and you'll be very unhappy ti bring him inside. Physically" lol! I had a husky like that. Wouldn't cone inside for a blizzard, people cAlled animal control cause he was sleeping under the house during a storm... Told them you try to bring him in. I dare you. Perfectly happy out there.

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David was at the Scottish Games Trial in California in 2010. Nobody recognized him. I thought it was some guy with the same name. The thing that stood out was when he went into the arena. There is usually quite a crowd of spectators, and the novice folks especially get a bit nervous. Not so this Dave guy. Clearly very comfy in front of a crowd, even though his runs we're not so good.


Oh, THAT Dave Roth....

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I was at Pleasanton that year. I figured out who Dave was, but he was just the nicest guy. Very down-to-earth. He did have a couple "flunky" types hanging with him - maybe one was his dog trainer? - but he was pleasant and laughed easily and just ... a regular guy. :) I remember at one point he got in an animated conversation with someone about child-rearing and how kids especially need guidance, not parents-as-friends these days. :lol:


From the video, it looks like he and Mike have come along since then.


I haven't heard the new Van Halen album. :P


~ Gloria

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