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  1. Update: She's gained quite a bit of weight back. Guess it was a parasite overload after all.
  2. Yeah that's it! Thank you Stools are normal. We talked about everything. She wants me to pay close attention to her stools etc. over the next couple weeks.
  3. So the blood work came back normal. She no longer has the smell to her breath either. Vet thinks because she eats horse and the other dogs poop that that was the culprit. She wanted me to bump up her food up and add some fat to her diet and we wormed her. We will see how she does over the next month. Vet mentioned a disease that GSD's get as they age that inhibits the absorption of nutrients. It has to do with their pancreas (EIA or EPA? can't remember now). The blood work to check for that is $130! So we are taking the wait and see approach for now.
  4. She has an appt this Friday morning to draw blood. They said because she was just seen in July I won't need to pay for another exam so that helps. It's $49 for a comprehensive panel.
  5. To add, she's not really acting any different. Eating and drinking normal, activity level is normal.
  6. It's definitely an infection smell. That's why I thought it was her mouth again. In July she somehow stabbed herself with a stick that went thru the corner of her mouth and came out of the inside. We were treating the wound on the outside but didn't realize she had a wound in her mouth. One day I could smell it and looked in her mouth and saw the gaping hole filled with green infection. Yuck! Laser treatments and abx cleared it right up. To jb777- I tried to get care credit but didn't qualify.
  7. I would love to be able to get her seen this week but we live pay check to pay check and there isn't money in the budget this week for a vet visit and the vet won't do a payment arrangement. We've had 2 emergency vet bills between her and my BC in the last month. I'm going to call in the morning and see how much blood work is and go from there. I've just never experienced this before so didn't know if someone might know what would be causing it. Thanks
  8. Hello all. Been awhile since I've been on the boards. We have a 10yo GSD that today I noticed her breath smells like infection. At first I thought it was the wound she sustained in her mouth that we treated a few weeks back but all signs of that are gone and healed. I looked at all her teeth and gums and everything looked good. She has lost some weight these last couple of months and this is the second time it's happened in the last year. Just out of the blue drops weight and gets real skinny. We plan to get her to the vet next week fro blood work but just wanted to ask here first since Google wasn't really turning up any answers. She does have a lump on her chest but feels like a fatty tumor. About the size of a golf ball. I hope this isn't the beginning of the end for her. She's been such a great dog and we've owned her all 10 years. She's been a "mother" to my male BC and many other dogs that have come and gone. My gut is telling me this isn't good.
  9. I've read that if they have a lot of spongy in them it may upset their stomachs if they're sensitive to it. Brock just turned 1yo and he is a super chewer! I discovered the antlers at my feed store a few months ago. The first one was destroyed in less than 2 weeks. The next one I got was a jumbo size and that lasted a little longer. I just ordered a larger one off one of the sites listed above.
  10. Wow! I had no idea this topic would turn into such a discussion! As I mentioned we have a very small house. His kennel is in our bedroom and while it's doable right now, it will be more of a pain if I buy him a bigger kennel that takes up more space. I've always crate trained my dogs. My 9yo GSD still goes in her kennel to rest. I started out leaving Brock for short trips (1-2hrs) and he was fine and then gradually left him out longer. He's done well. We have a 28mos son so the kitchen is gated off anyway's. I shut all the bedroom doors and leave the bathroom open so he can get to his water. He gets a peanut butter stuffed Kong when I leave every time. Lately though I've been bringing him with me since the barn I board at allows you to bring your dog. So he's been enjoying that I think I'll go measure the next size up kennel and see how much more room it will take up and go from there. Thanks for all the opinions
  11. Brock is almost 10mos old now. He's to the point that we can leave him in the house (with treats) when we leave and he's fine. He still eats in his kennel and sleeps in it at night although he'd rather curl up in the corner of the room. He's just about to be too big for the kennel we have for him. I really don't want to buy a bigger kennel for him since our house is so small and it takes up so much space in our bedroom. He'd be totally OK with me stuffing his dog bed and laying it in the same place. I guess my question is, is it really necessary to keep him in a kennel at this point? I know for some dogs it's a sense of security etc. But Brock is pretty confident and secure and as long as his people are around he's cool Obviously I still need to get him a bigger kennel for traveling but that would be kept in the truck. What are your thoughts?
  12. And I just have to laugh You see yesterday I was very distracted. My daughter was flying in for the summer and I haven't seen her since Jan. I was in the kitchen cleaning while my son played out in the backyard. There is a wall that blocks my view into the living room. Brock was here and there doing his thing. Sometimes he likes to stand between me and the cupboards while I cook or do dishes. So I'm standing at the stove forming turkey burgers to put in the pan and he comes and stands between me and all of a sudden I feel something warm on my foot! He pee'd on me! I peeked my head around the corner and he's sitting at the front door like "what? Can you take me out NOW?" Poor guy, he had to pee so bad and felt the only way to tell me was to pee on me! I took him out and I think he pee'd for 5 minutes lol
  13. I feed Acana Grasslands as well. We had a problem with soft stools also and now add an 1/4c of Fromm to it and VOILA! No more soft stools. I'm very happy with the Acana and Fromm combo.
  14. I feed Fromm with the Acana Grasslands. Haven't had a problem with Brock choking at all and he's not exactly a slow eater
  15. Poor guy! No advice but hope he heals quickly!
  16. I use Photobucket and don't have issues. Plus it gives you the link option of email, website, forum etc.
  17. He has a patch on his back that is long and shiny and he's getting his leg and tail feathers. It seems his coat is changing very gradually. He hit a growth spurt a couple weeks ago and got all leggy and now it seems his body is catching up. He was 21.7lbs at the vet a couple weeks ago and I would guess he's gained a few more since.
  18. I was also going to suggest a change in protein source. I feed Acana Grasslands formula and Brock was having some gas and softer stools than I'd like to see. Now I cut back a tad on the Acana and add in a lower meat protein/higher veggie content food (just an 1/8 cup does the trick) and he now is less gassy and his stools are formed.
  19. I have nothing to add just wanted to say cute pup!
  20. Thanks Sue. I was actually wanting to find something like that for Brock to help slow down his eating and to also make him work for it. Thanks for reminding me Yes, Brock is pretty athletic. He cleared the gates we have in the kitchen one day to get to me :/ Makes me think I should give agility a try!
  21. Thanks for the replies! Technically he shouldn't be able to get to the tissue's since they are up in higher places since my son likes to play with them also. I think someone forgot to tell Brock that he is a dog and not a cat or a bird. This dog LOVES to be in high places! Just the other day I caught him lounging on top of the recycling bin. He does know the 'leave it' command since he started becoming obsessed with grabbing a stick or pine cone on the way back into the house after going potty. We use 'drop it' in the house for toys and such. When he gets into the tissue's it's always 'behind my back'. Yesterday it was when I was out front talking with my neighbor and today I was nursing my son and realized Brock was very quiet lol. He was on the bed pulling at the tissue box. Brock is such a different BC pup than I'm used to. Very tenacious. Money has been tighter than usual lately so we haven't been able to get out on the trail much the last couple weeks and then my son and I got sick last week so I haven't worked with him at all in almost 2 weeks. Guess this is his way of throwing a temper tantrum
  22. This is becoming a problem. He's done it once or twice in the past but it was just a tissue. Now he's obsessed with them and eats as much as he can as fast as he can. He will even grab a box and just eat them out of the box! Gah! I have allergies so there is always a box of tissue's sitting somewhere but right now my son and I are getting over colds so there are tissue's everywhere. He's big enough now that he can jump onto our bed and he'll get the box on the headboard :/ What can I do to deter him from doing this? He's got plenty of toys, and chew things around the house and he's had plenty of exercise lately. Thoughts?
  23. A lot of people feed TOTW. It's one of the top foods. I also have a 4 month old BC. Not sure what he weighs now but he was 16.5lbs a couple weeks ago at the vet. I feed him Acana Grasslands with a little Fromm (it's a local food) to cut the meat protein since his poops were a little on the soft side. As for being concerned about hip dysplasia, keep his weight healthy, dont let him do a lot jumping off of things which is also bad for their elbows. We're his parents checked? I'm sure poor nutrition plays a role but from what I understand hip displaysia is passed down.
  24. Yeah I'm pretty much his whole world lol Today hubby went to feed him his lunch while I went to lay our son down. I came out and there was Brock sitting, patiently waiting to be OK'd to eat. I asked my hubby if he told him OK? He did but Brock just sat there. So I said OK and he got up and ate! LoL!!!! My hubby just shook his head at me.
  25. I prefer to just take Brock for long, fast paced walks. It gets both of us exercise and it keeps his mind focused. I mean the socialization of a dog park is nice but Brock doesn't have a problem meeting other dogs. Besides we encounter plenty of other dogs on the trail that he can meet and greet
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