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  1. There are a whole lot of dogs being represented as McNabs which really are not. The McNab label has a bit of mystic about it but can be very shady. I live just south of McNab country ( McNab country is Mendicino County in California) The dogs called Mc Nab are incredibly variable. Not so much a breed as wishful thinking. The cattle ranchers near me have given up on them. Too many folks using the name, but no proof of a good working dog. Shows how the old notion of a "papered" dog got the reputation it did. I would be very suspicious of anyone selling McNab dogs. Show me the work.
  2. So many variables here. Feed before slaughter, stress levels before slaughter, time meat aged, the exact cuts etc. I had one processor cut up a hot carcass for a customer of mine. Needless to say, lost that customer. I raise Katahdins. The word is they taste better because they are a hair sheep. I don't know if that is true, or if it because of other factors like feed and stress. I do have very happy lamb customers. I have several stories of folks who "don't like lamb" who loved my lamb. Raved about it, even. I have butchered a 2.5 year old breeding ram. Gave some meat to a c
  3. This it what I lost my first dog too. He was older, almost 14. In the morning he was fine, then had a short bout of a very strange obsessive eating, picking at grass and leave and whatever was on the ground, like he couldn't control himself. I managed to distract him enough that he got over it. It only lasted a few minutes and I was present the whole time. Rest of the day he was fine, even helping to persuade some sheep to move into the right field. That night as we were watching TV, he started acting odd. I'll omit details but he went from " is the dog acting weird?" To unconscience and seizu
  4. You might also consider saving yourself so expense and labor and using electronet for fencing. For only three acres, it might not be worth putting in permanent fence. Also consider you will be doing them a favor by cleaning up and monitoring their unused land. Many folks would pay to have someone clean up their land, you are offering it for free! As mentioned above, you will likely be improving it as well. Their win. My neighbors BEG me to move sheep in for free clean up. Often the forage is past it's prime, so I'm really doing them a favor, not the other way around. Don't underestimate
  5. I'm in California, and it is pretty common for folks to think my smooth dogs are McNabs. I also have a smooth white factor dog with prick ears who has on occasion been mistaken for a Caanan Dog. Rough coated dogs, as much as I like them, are simply not an option out here in the land of foxtails, awns and burrs. Even the LGDs need to be smooth. All the stockdogs on the ranches around here are smooth, though many of those dogs are crossbred. Crossing in Kelpie is pretty common. I get as many folk question the breed due to being tricolor as I do due to being smooth. Quick answer is "B
  6. It has been ten years now since I was a vet tech, and the clinic I worked for did not stock this "vaccine" ( urban area) so what I recall may no longer be accurate. I cannot give any references as I'm working on memory here, but this is what I recall. The vaccine was developed at UC Davis utilizing Pacific Diamondback Rattlesnake venom. It's effectiveness on other species of rattlesnake may be questionable. It is not effective on other venomous species snake bites. It effectiveness on Pacific Diamondbacks is not proven. By this, I mean the testing done was not conclusive that is ac
  7. Ooky, If your company is looking for dogs, I might have one that would work. He is three years old, neutered, mostly Border Collie ( with some Kelpie, possibly a bit of Heeler) I'm in Napa County and would bring him in for evaluation if there is interest. PM or email if there is interest. Email ( take out spaces) neff @ dzm . com
  8. I have Indian Runners and have worked my dogs on them. I agree with all comments above. I would never put a pup on ducks. Ducks can be a messy pain to keep. Ducks also tend to try to hide when worked in an area that allows them to do so. They will take cover in bushes, crawl under decks, or smash themselves into corners. They require the dog to work in very close, which, depending on the dog, might not be a good thing. Sometimes they will decide to not move for the dog. This puts the dog in the position of either "losing" to the ducks, or getting more assertive ( which means biting) Dog
  9. While that is disappointing, Heather, I can't object because Hypnotoad will not allow it. Sigh. I love Hypnotoad. Best. Avatar. Ever.
  10. I'm so bad at getting my entries in in time, but I have missed this trial too many times to leave it off this time. By golly, I will be there this year! See you there!
  11. I too, have an Arnold. Love it. Thought I lost it once and was in a panic! Luckily, it was only misplaced. It is stainless steel. I can't use the plastic ones. I have a Montana light, but don't really like it much. I prefer a whistle with some substance, but no flavor. I like stainless because of feel, sturdiness, and I know I can clean it well. I heard somewhere that one shouldn't put brass into your mouth, as there is concern for some bad chemical mojo. Don't recall exactly what the caution was, though. Not sure of the source for that information, either. One of these
  12. The N. Cal litter on the OSDS website is all sold now. Lucky me, I got one!
  13. Here is a twenty minute radio interview that captures many points in this thread, including the source of many pit bull statistics. http://www.radio.pblnn.com/shows/interviews/320-paul-tullis-time-magazine-s-softer-side-of-pit-bulls
  14. Here is an article showing that many, many, folks WANT to spay and neuter, but cannot afford too. Something to think about when one is suggestion legislation. ( hope the link works) http://beyondbreed.com/the-cronuts-and-spayneuter-craze/
  15. Words fail. I have her blog bookmarked and though she hadn't updated in 18 months or so, I would still check periodically. I loved her writing. I was a vet tech for many years, and would have had a blast working with her. Anything she wrote was informative AND entertaining, and that is a very hard combination to achieve. The world is a poorer place without her. Damn. Totally sucks.
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