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Obedience Brag!!!

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My boy and I had a GREAT weekend!!! Decided to try for his first couple CDX legs at a pretty big trial up here..our class was one of the biggest I've ever been in..over 20 dogs both days in open A!! My best bud did GREAT!!! Had a run off the first day for 2nd place and won!! Good boy!!


Then day 2 we had a class of 25+ dogs...4 way run off for first plaace which we won!!! I was so thrilled!!! He worked his heart out and stayed focused and had fun!! To him of course, he just gets to play with his mom ;)


We had almost perfect heeling, but were hit 1/2 points on a few fronts...we'll keep working on it!!


I also decided to try Rally for the first time! I didn't mess up any signs YAY!!! 2 first places with perfect scores of 100 in a HUGE Novice B class!!! The judge said we broke the record for speed on the course we did the second day!!! LOL!! With a bc you gotta motor!! We had fun and might try it again!!

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THANKS EVERYONE!!! It has been a FUN journey so far!!!


Shyshepherdess I was in the Open A class! So a newer trainer/handler!! I'm pretty young also, mid twenties so it's been quite the learning experience for me :D


I mostly train by myself now..I started out in lessons at a pet store, then looked for a better training facility when I decided I wanted to learn more and advance. I started taking classes at an awesome training club and kind of just put my own variation on stuff to fit my dog and I!! I take private lessons here and there and work on my own. I also have a block of "walk-in" classes at a couple different training places and go there weekly, other friends and veteran handlers provide GREAT insight into problem solving :)


Heeling has been our biggest challenge, FORGING FORGING FORGING!! Learning correct postion and learning to use his body(he is a bit longer in the back, lateral and rear usage were all huge challenges. I didn't think he might EVER make a nice heeling dog!! He proved me wrong :)

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