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  1. Kip obtained at 8 weeks Birthdate 2/19/12 I bought him from breeder b/w male
  2. I think you guys did a great job those things are ALOT of work the equipment the ground everything was super if it were not so far we would come to everyone you guys put on CPE is the most fun venue hope your newbies thought so also!
  3. Great show had a blast fun groupd well organized glad we came
  4. My recent pup was intended to be purchased for agility and I did lots of research and shopping and asking people and then i found some little backyard bred dog that made me laugh the second I saw him if he was missing a leg i would have taken him so weather he is the next Swagger or the worst agility dog ever i do not care I love him I think thats all anyone should consider IMO its a partnership out there no matter who or where the dog came from he has to have heart and try and respect and love that makes the dog and its handler a success Q or no Q.......
  5. This am my BC pup and my BC foster were ruff housing and my oth BC was on the couch observing this ridiculous display I was in a trance watching his eyes and mouth as he sat there. You could just see the brilliance and thoughts churing I just have to say I love Scully he brings such joy into my life I wish everyone the same feeling My Border Collie Rocks ......Just being himself Had to release my happiness thanks for letting me share!
  6. Cool just making sure i entered the right stuff We have 4 NC dogs coming that I know of
  7. When i got my toy aussie i spent alot of time defending the fact I had a toy til one day i said i feed him i paid for him and hes neutered so back off and that zipped some lips I choose my dog because I wanted him I was not out solicting toy aussies had no idea they existed when i saw him my heart stopped he was my heart dog i had been without my full size aussie for 5 yrs and his eyes filled that hole in my heart of losing my 18yr best friend. I also have a BC that yes I paid for from a breeder because I wanted to know where he came from mind and health wise an i get lots of IMo on that I tried to take a rescue dog and since i do not have a fenced yard and a bleeding heart they turned my away too bad for the dog it would have had a good safe fun life for him So the other BC I have was given to me hes been given my love and training and care I know how it is in my house so phooey on those that judge let he who is without sin cast the 1st stone!
  8. Juno lab mix thats funny look at that face REALLY!! my motto is ya cant fix stupid so no worries over wing nuts if we all did the same thing life would be dull do as you see fit for your animals and child and phooey on others.....
  9. the sheet shows Jackpot Standard and Wildcard Colors Jumpers for Sunday are you not running in that order?
  10. I just took my entry forms and dropped at post office so its offical will be there yeah>>>
  11. CPE is loads of fun its less stingent I would say than the other venues but you do have to Q alot more to get the C ATCH title if you go thru all 5 levels to get it I have been to CPE Nationals twice and they are so much fun I think anyone trying it will enjoy it so if anyone on the board is attending look for me luv to meet new people I will have my little 12" dog Boomer (non BC) and my wild pup Kip (BC) my other BC is still on his rehab so he has to stay at the house.
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