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  1. I second what everyone has to say about making sessions short...and fun!!! I train and compete in competitive obedience so I can let you know what I do... I am a HUGELY motivational trainer(although not all positive, I do implore some negative consequences and the occasional correction if needed)....The best obedience teams to me are the ones who are look like they are having FUN together!! And keeping a young dog having fun and motivated throughout his/her training is key!!! I'm a HUGE advocate for incorporating tricks into EVERYTHING!! And with pups and young dogs I do the same..
  2. Hi Donald!! Yes I know there is no "Q" or "NQ" or title in USBCHA trialing...I guess I was trying to compare the fact that there is a standard though that is some what similar to the parameters in place for qualifying/non-qualifying rounds in other competitions... The dreaded RT(handler chooses to leave the post) or the DQ(judge gives ya the "thank you" you're done)...although not nearly as tough and sometimes silly(in AKC you get NQ'd in herding if you leave the arena without putting a leash on your dog)..they do have a basic level of competence that is expected.. Also, when you g
  3. I'm just trying to understand this, I've never competed in agility before...thinking about giving it a shot with one of my guys...so this is interesting. In agility(certain organizations)...even if you don't qualify for the the class you are in..you can still place?? I've competed in a variety of venues for both herding and competitive obedience over the years(AKC, ASCA, USBCHA, AHBA, UKC)..and all of them have a basic standard which you must complete in order to "qualify"...this is just a basic level of work that is expected..if it's something that you are not reasonably able to manage at
  4. I know in AKC you get a ribbon for qualifying even if you don't place... I'm kind of confused as to why a venue would give awards to teams that NQ? You didn't meet the basic requirments/standard to qualify on that course or in the ring/on the field? You'll need to go back to training and try and improve? What's the point of a competitive environment at all?
  5. Mmmmmm I make a pretty good effort to keep my guys healthy and fit... I believe the daily physical exercise keeps them healthy physicly and mentally....I know it sounds kinda silly but like a long hard day working the farm/field, I believe a good long walk at least once a day in varying locations helps calm the mind and gives them a feeling of going somewhere or accomplishing something Plus it's very calming for me also!! They get about an hour off-leash hike a day...I vary the locations for variety.. I usually warm them up for 5 minutes, and if I am going to do any cardio I do some fetc
  6. Jamie Spring in SD has some very nice dogs/pedigrees......I know of fantastic dogs coming out of some bloodlines in ND/SD but most people keep to themselves and don't advertise there litters.....Jamie has a nice website kept up to date and is very friendly..google Silver Spring border collies.. I have been at the Slash J trials a couple years now, VERY awesome with the top handlers in the country giving the huge challenging field and tough sheep a try...best trial I've ever seen and some incredible dog/sheep work.....
  7. Root Beer, what are you basing your knowledge on? Own personaly experience and opinions? I'm just curious.... I've recognized head turning/yawning/ etc during training sessions...noting it is a sign of stress but we work thorugh it.... The way I described the situation with the ear licking, and the events that escelate do not appear to be the dogs attempting to decrease stress....there "intent" seems quite intense and they are interacting in a manner that escelates that tension....
  8. I have seen mounting as what could be displacement behavior in neutered males..or spayed females...I've seen dogs getting seemingly over stimulated during rough play and try to mount... I've seen fights break out and damage done with mounting behaviors also, mostly in "intact" animals...if you're able to read body language there intent is definatly NOT play...My young bc was mounted and then attacked by an older intact male...and as I mentioned my female sustained injury after being mounted by a male and then bit... A breeder/trainer friend of mine brought forward the fact that ear lic
  9. Both neutered male dog start going back and forth between licking eachothers ears and..."other" parts...then one puts there head on the others back which leads to more tensions which eventually leads to fighting.....the ear licking starts it all off....so this chain of behaviors singals to me more "dominant" behvaior or the two are "jockeying" for position or whatever? They have been living together in the same household for a few months and were adopted as rescues about a month apart...
  10. If "licking the ears" is a calming behavior...why is it usually followed by a fight with the dogs in question? and in other observations why does ear licking in intact males precede mounting and then aggression?? How do explain why most mounting behaviors I see are followed by agression/my one dog got puncutre wounds in her face after a dog tried to mount her and she spung around...
  11. What do you all have to say about ear licking?? Is this a dominant behavior? Most ear licking I've seen from one dog to another preceeds mounting then usually agression? So I would assume the licker/mounter is being "pushy" towards the other dog? Dominant? Also, someone told me a "behaviorist" told her mounting is a behavior brought on by stress?? Really?! Thoughts/advice and opinions welcome...
  12. SO frustrating.....I thought maybe the dryer winter air is irritating it even more? I don't know what else to do...thanks for trying
  13. Hey Ya'll...... My younger bc(4 yrs old) has been doing this weird "reverse sneezing" thing off and on for the past yearor so.....It literally sounds like he can't breath/snorting..generally sounds awful!!! Sometimes can go on for 30 seconds or more until he seems to swallow...but then it can start again a minute later.... I have scoured the internet and asked around, even the vet...the only thing anyone could come up with is this "reverse sneezing" crap that's normally common in bracheocephalic breeds.... Well #1-now the other 2 dogs are doing it occasionally....ok, is it a coinci
  14. Alright, I'll bite... I'm sure there were a whole SLEW of reasons to cause that dog to become aggresive, not just a rpong collar....as it's been mentioned ANY tool not used as intended can cause damage... Anyone with 1/2 a brain can easily use a prong collar...and in fact, is a lifesaver for most pet people that cannot physicly handle there dogs... I have seen hundreds of happy owners walk in and out of our training doors using and helped by using a prong collar......and the few that it did not help, were not using the collars correctly...
  15. Here in MN, I know Susane Hoffman(who is Vice President of the WWSDA) is planning a spring/summer litter....her and her husband are both VERY invilved in USBCHA trials and have been training/handling for quite awhile...they breed once every 4 years or so only when they are ready to add another training partner for each of themselves. They put an extreme amount of time in choosing the sire and making sure both parents are health tested above and beyond!!! There pups are well cared for and socialized! The bitch they are using is running in open and is very nice....super sweet to boot!! A
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