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A Rose named Annie


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Our Annie passed away last Sunday morning. She had a very peaceful passing, all that a dog ( or any of us) could wish for.

Annie was almost 14 and came to spend her retirement with us on our farm. She was a beautiful dog, a classic border collie with one blue eye and one brown eye. Annie did not whine or whimper. She only made one sound - a giant woof that lifted her front feet off the ground when she made it.

My day started with that woof and Annie's presence was a huge part of my daily routine. My house is still full of doggy chaos but feels terribly empty without her.


Annie was a very dignified and regal dog. She was the Tyrant of her Empire under the kitchen table. She liked the other dogs but she didnt like to show it. She was aloof, but when she was sure they weren't looking, she'd sneak up from behind and nuzzle them. She adored her people and she was the farm greeter. Everyone got a happy, smiling welcome from Annie. When I came home from work, the dogs all greeted me but Annie's greeting was the most exuberant, the longest and the most heartfelt.


I always plant a memorial for my dogs in my flowerbed. Annie's tribute will be a rosebush, in a spot by the stone wall where she would sneak in amongst the flowers and watch the goldfish in the little pond. Annie was a rose. Sweet, beautiful and a tiny bit prickly at times.

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I had the pleasure of meeting Annie last year...she lived a wonderful life on the farm with Jo and all the other pups, critters and people. She had a great retirement with people who loved her dearly. I never saw her prickly side....just the rose :)

Annie is at the bridge with a lot of good dogs...may they all play in green fields together.

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Thank you. I miss her. My evening walk to the pond is not the same without her.


I'd like to thank Annie's owner Ryan for making the difficult choice to let Annie go to a new home for her retirement. Annie's first few years of life were harsh and Ryan adopted her from Border Collie Rescue Ontario when she was about 4 years old. He turned a scared and hostile dog into a sweetheart who loved her people, especially her men. All we did was give Annie a peaceful place to grow old. I will always think of her as Ryan's dog.

He was the one who made her into such a beautiful rose.

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