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Extreme Sheepdog Trials

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For those who are interested, I just received the following email:


Hello Eileen,


One of your members in the past posted about a new iPhone / iPod game called Extreme Sheepdog Trials. Well we have now released that game and it is available for sale:




The game is loosely based around sheep dog trials, does support whistling (all though we are not professionals) and has 3 fun zones.


We thought it may be of interest to your members - but rather than just creating an account for myself and posting it - I wanted to run it by you as administrator of the boards. We hope you pass on this info to your members so they can have sheep dog fun all the time.







Jonathan Custance - Consultant

Green Custard Ltd.


Registered in England No: 06941673

Registered Office: St John's Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge, CB4 0WS

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ZOMG I played this last night on a friend's iPad and it's AWESOME! Pretty frustrating at some times but isn't that the same as regular sheepdoggin'??? Takes a lot of concentration- I got to the level where you have to move sheep around in outer space and avoid lasers, decided I couldn't handle any more for one night :rolleyes::):D:):D

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