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  1. Oh by all means, puppy mills are just as bad. Unfortunately, while I'm just making a guess, I would expect that at least probably 90% of "designer" breeders would fall under the puppy mill/backyard breeder categories and are only in it for the money. So it's just a double whammy of BAD. A perk of a mixed breed dog is that often times you have LESS potential for genetic problems since it's a completely random mixing of genes. However, if you intentionally breed Labs and Standard Poodles (for example), both have incidences of things like HD and repeatedly breeding those lines together aren't
  2. As I'm sure a lot of you are aware, the origination of the intentional poodle crosses started with service dog groups. The idea was to have some service dogs with the brains, personality, and sturdiness of the labs and goldens (REAL labs and goldens...not the overbred crazy ones you see a lot of times) without the shedding since some folks that need a service dog aren't able to handle the grooming/shedding or are allergic. It's a great example of good intentions gone bad now. You can be an idiot and not spay or neuter your cocker spaniel and bulldog and have an "oops" litter and sell it as
  3. I imagine that some are taking this personally because they've seen and dealt with too many potential adopters that started the complaints of the rescue being "overzealous". If you haven't been denied adoption, even of this individual dog, I reall don't understand why this post was started in the first place. The foster wasn't saying you couldn't adopt...they were just saying you were wrong to assume "such & such". And...while I believe that most border collies can handle being crated or left alone for a work day, yes, there are some that wouldn't do well with that. Maybe this is one of th
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