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  1. Well, we will see what happens. I bought a calming aide drop for Phoenix last night and it helped him tremendously with the thunder storm we had last evening. Let's hope this accompanied by a new routine and a behaviourist can make him a changed dog. I will keep everyone posted on the outcome and the Phoenix's progression. Thank you for all the words of advice, although hard to hear, they are exactly what I expected and understand all my options that are on the table. I will work with the dog until I am no longer able to, PTS is the last thing I will consider. He has never bit me, or anyone else, so for now, he is not a threat to anyone.
  2. I checked out the link, but there are no behaviourists in my area. I am going to contact my vet and ask them if they can recommend anyone local. The closest one is in Toronto, which is a 2 1/2 hr drive from my home.
  3. Hey you still alive?

  4. For the meds, do I just bring Phoenix to the vet and let them know what has been going on and they give him meds? Or is there something else that needs to be done?
  5. There is a trainer down the road from us who use to teach police dogs for 30 yrs, and is a recognized behaviour assessor. I was thinking of contacting him and bringing Phoenix there.
  6. So, out 4 yr old BC has been getting progessively worse. He has come to the point where its putting to much stress on us having him around. I don't know what to do anymore. He suffers from severe seperation anxiety, barks non stop if you leave, will go after your feet to try and stop you, and then growls at you. He is terrified of thunder storms, to the point that he climbs the railing at the top of the staircase to get up there and then barges into our room and hides under our bed all night, keeping us awake. You cannot pet him for any period of time before he starts to bar teeth at you, growl and run away. If you try and scold him for anything, he immediatly runs to his food dish, woofs everything down, and then proceeds to bark again. I have tried training classes with him, and that failed, we had to pull him out, as he couldn't stay focused to learn anything. what can I do? I don't want to give him up, but I am at a loss. Should I seek out a behaviourist? or am I being naive to think he will change from this?
  7. downloading right now for my touch. 1.99 is cheap fun!
  8. Hey everyone, we have had Phoenix (our red and white) BC for 3 years now. He is a wonderful dog, but we would like to get a second dog so he has a friend to play with to keep him occupied and so he can have fun when we are working. We go walking, running, rollerblading, play fetch, and frisbee 7 days a week. He gets around 3-4 hours of exercise a day. My wife would like a smaller dog, as she likes lap dogs and small dogs. I was wondering what breed of small dog would be best suited to keep up with a Border Collie, and are known to get a long well. We would be getting a female, as Phoenix is a male, and 2 male dogs just seem to be more aggressive towards each other (just what I have noticed from dealings). Does anyone have any suggestions, wife is looking at Jack Russel's, Pug. Suggestions or more breed ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance Dave, Kaleigh, and Phoenix!
  9. Hey everyone, I have a problem with my BC. He is 2 years old, and neutered. Usually he is a great dog but we have a problem with him. When we are petting him, sometimes when we stop he will nip or growl at you, either while you are petting him, or as soon as you stop. He doesnt do this all the time, but when he does, I immediately scold him, and send him away. As well, when we scold him, he runs to his food and starts scarfing it down like someone is going to steal it. We have had Phoenix since he was 8 weeks old. We have never taken his food away from him, and we leave it down all day. We have tried feeding 2 times a day, morning and evening. But he just won't eat if we do it like that. He went 4 days without eating when we tried that. Any suggestions? As for the nipping, I tell everyone that they can pet him, but only for a few seconds to acknowledge him, as I feel that his biting is him trying to establish being the alpha/boss of the person who is petting him.
  10. im working as I chat lol.. Nice thing about a desk job and access to the internet. I guess being the boss helps as well.
  11. I know exactly what you mean, and thats what I keep trying to tell my wife. Its not fair for Phoenix a puppy, (1 1/2) years old to try and train a puppy, nor is it fair to us to have that happen. I told her I don't want 2 screwed up dogs in the house. Her mentailty is that another dog will keep him busy and not bugging her. I said the only reason he bugs you is because he wants you to pet him, and stop playing with your laptop. lol.
  12. LOL.. Yes, so I have heard. And she wants a Jack Russell so it can keep up with Phoenix around the yard.
  13. another concern of mine is my spouse wants to get a second dog. I keep telling her no, not until Phoenix is out of the puppy stage, and we have him under control. I just couldnt handle 2 dogs acting up lol.
  14. Great! Atleast I know that I am not the only person who has been in this situation my dog. It's nice to see people reaching out to help others. I have just purchased the "Don't shoot the dog" book. I wait its arrival so I can teach both dog and spouse the new way of the house. I may be sleeping in the spare bedroom for the next few weeks lol.
  15. You know, reading this article. Everything they say really hits home. My dog thinks hes Alpha. I try so hard to establish alpha with my dog, i do the sit before anything stuff, food, treats, bathroom, and have been forever. But my wife doesnt.. She let's the dog sleep on the couch, gives him her yogurt container when she is done. And just let him be her boss. I think thats the hardest part about all of this, is as much as I try to establish this position with my dog my wife let's it revert back. And I let her do it. This will be more like family bootcamp. Train the wife to train the dog. I think I may need more than a book in this case.
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