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The Birthday Boys!

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It's hard to believe, but Brodie and Robin are one year old today...and my first year anniversary of NED (no evidence of disease!). The sun is shining beautifully and Robin is having a mud bath to celebrate. A spring has opened up in the fenced in part of the field and he's having a ball! Brodie, thank goodness, has the sense to not get dirty, having made the connection between being clean and being allowed in the house. I'm going to walk to the top of the hill to take a picture.


The boys ( no longer pups!) have been a special joy this year, and I have a new good friend and adviser in their breeder. There is another thread describing the ideal breeder, and she is certainly that...a working farm with a working dog, bred to another working/trial dog. She's been there for us all year long, taking the pups on my chemotherapy days last spring, laughing with us at their antics as they grew, offering (too willingly :rolleyes:, to take them back because they've really become such nice dogs, forgiving Robin for plucking (but not otherwise harming) one of her guinea hens, and taking pride in their increasing interest in sheep. We visit about once a week and talk more often on the phone. Of all the things that have happened to me this past year, this is the good thing and what I remember the most.


This board has been helpful as well, with good advice for helping correct little problems before they become big problems. We're going to have a great second year!


Here's the birthday pictures! Brodie's sheep picture is a bit too blurry because the lamb decided to take off just as I clicked the picture and Brodie did what Border Collies are supposed to do, but they'll be more opportunities, I'm sure. BYW, the introduction to lambs was well controlled, dogs on leash, lamb in a large pen in the barn.)







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Happy birthday to the boys.


BTW thier grandmother has the biggest mouth on the planet she barks all the time she is playing even with a toy in her mouth.

Is she a red dog too? Maybe there's a barking gene in red dogs. :rolleyes: Brodie is quiet but Robin.....sheeseh! I've got to find a way to control it. I've been making him lie down, so now, being the smart fellow he is, he barks, barks, barks, then lies down, essentially giving himself his own punishment! Perhaps Root Beer has a suggestion as he is definitely geared toward clicker training.



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Happy Birthday, Brodie and Robin! And also, happy NED day to Liz - what a year, huh?


ETA - their birthday is only one day away from Odin's! :rolleyes:

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yep shes a red dog all right


What a special treat to see her! She is a beauty! So glad that you have her and she's well cared for. Robin definitely has her ears. Brodie seems to have her narrow frame (as does his Mama) but Robin is a bulkier dog. They both have that square-ish muzzle.


Just finished polishing him up for class tonight....last week I didn't check him and he'd picked up some burdocks in his tail on our afternoon walk so we just finished a "country dog grooming" a splash in the creek then a good session with the furminator. I'm afraid to let him back out in the yard to go poo! He's gotta look good for his new friend, Abby the standard french poodle. They are a study in contrast! At least this class is friendly...except for the rotweiler...there's always a rotweiler or a staffy....



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