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The past week me and Myla have had some awesome progress with our agility training. She is now 21 months and 2 weeks ago had her first competition in which we had a Combined Elementary and Combined Starters Jumping Tests. She did fantastic for her first competition and we are looking forward to our 2nd comp this weekend where we will have our first Agility Test runs Yippeee!


On Sunday we were chosen to do some filming for a show here called Better Homes and Gardens. The crew were fantastic and Miles was a superstar. She didn't even second guess how close the camera man was and performed flawlessly. Below is the link to a video I made of our day.




We had fantastic compliments even from Dr. Harry himself and got to have photos taken. All in all it was a experience I would definitely repeat.








Last night we were at our 2nd night of Intermediate Training and at the end I was approached by the Club president ( I thought I was in trouble :rolleyes: ) she said that they would like if I would join the Advanced class next tuesday as she thinks we are more than ready. From what I gather you need to have your AAD title and apply to the Board to be moved to Advanced. I will be training with world class handlers......I am so nervous but I definitely took it as a compliment and am excited by our chance to learn so much from the fantastic handlers in the class. Not bad for being 19 and my Miles is my first dog and only a 21 month old puppy with one competition under her belt! I am soooo excited! :D

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Thanks everyone! I can't stop watching that video in the link, I just marvel at how far we have come. My girl had no drive over jumps and wouldn't touch a seesaw if her life depended on it. After that video I would have guessed she was born to do it. All our hard work building drive, confidence and fixing her sniffing every time she hits the ground has really paid off and I love seeing how happy she is and how much effort she put in! All the frustration was definitely worth it to see my little lady work so well with me. She's really such a resilient girl and even through all the mistakes I made being my first dog I trained properly she comes out the other end with a smile on her face. :rolleyes:

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