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Steve the foster pup needs good thoughts

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It seems he's pretty sick not Parvo but, 3 bacteria overgrowth and anemia. I guess this wasn't a sudden illness. Good thing he's in good hands now. The vet thinks he's even older than we though by a few more weeks and the poor guy is only 12lbs. He's skin and bones.


So if you guys can send some healing thoughts his way it's much appreciated.

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Poor little guy :rolleyes: . Good vibes are coming!

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I have to say looking at his photo reminds me of my Freeway when he was very ill. 8 weeks old and on an IV drip for 7 days then still another 2 1/2 weeks before he was eating a full meal again.


One thing I have to say Freeway is now thriving and so can Steve. Second thing once he is home one thing that helped Freeway is a product called Seacure.

It is a concentrated fish protien in a tablet or capsule. Works wonders given 2 twice a day. My little man would have fought tooth and nail to get at it. If you want to try it PM me and I will order him some.


Big prayers from Freeway who knows...





Freeway From this :




To this:



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When we got Ruby out of the shelter, we foolishly had her spayed and the vet tech went ahead with the spay even though she had a temperature. When we got her home she was sick from kennel cough and giardia, on top of the stress from surgery.


We were very worried as she wasn't eating and weighed only 26 lbs. The vet said he had seen many cases like this and she was fundamentally young and strong. She came through beautifully and now she weighs 33 pounds and runs for hours every day. It will be OK!


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