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Annie, so sorry you had such a rough last day


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DH's Grandparent's German Sheppard Annie left us today. She was 12 years old. Everyone in Sun City knew Annie and she will be missed incredibly. Sun City is a retirement community where golf carts are allowed on the streets. Every day at four Annie would hop on the golf cart with Ed and they would cruise around visting friends and folks at the golf courses. Dogs aren't allowed on the golf courses, unless those dogs are Annie. She kept the house safe from mail men and coyotes until her ears failed her earlier last year. She would wheeze a little when she breathed and no longer got up to greet us at the door. That didn't stop everyone from coming to her to say hello, that's why they came over of course, to see Annie. :rolleyes: Annie's back leg began to swell in August and whenever I would see her I would massage it for her. She would give you wonderful deep throaty yodels to make sure you knew just how good that massage felt. She spent Christmass this year surrounded by loved ones, and we were thrilled she made it that long. Today Annie had a stroke and lost control of her entire back end. Poor Ed and Nancy had to put down their sweet sweet girl.


God speed to the bridge Annie. I'm sure you know how much you will be missed by all of us, but even more so by your Ed and your Nancy. I cannot thank you enough for all of the love, comfort, and purpose you have given them throughout your amazing life. You'll be able to run and jump again now, and chase balls until you are blue in the face. Rest in peace sweet "wolf, mule, and babe," you will be missed.



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I was standing on a hillside

In a field of blowing wheat

And the spirit of a German Shepherd Dog

Was lying at my feet.


He looked at me with kind dark eyes

An ancient wisdom shining through

And in the essence of his being

I saw love there too.


His mind did lock upon my heart

As I stood there on that day

And he told me of this story

About a place so far away.


I stood upon that hillside

In a field of blowing wheat

And in a twinkling of a second

His spirit left my feet.


His tale did put my heart at ease

My fears did fade away

About what lay ahead of me

On another distant day.


“I live among God’s creatures now

In the heavens of your mind

So do not grieve for me, my friend

As I am with my kind.


My collar is a rainbow’s hue

My leash a shooting star

My boundaries are the Milky Way

Where I sparkle from afar.


There are no pens or kennels here

For I am not confined

But free to roam God’s heavens

Among my Shepherd kind.


I nap the day on a snowy cloud

Gentle breezes rocking me

And dream the dreams of earthlings

And how it used to be.


The trees are full of liver treats

And tennis balls abound

And Milkbones line the walkways

Just waiting to be found.


There even is a ring set up

The grass all lush and green

And everyone who gaits around

Becomes the Best of Breed.


For we’re all winners in this place

We have no faults, you see

And God passes out those ribbons

To each one, even me.


I drink from waters laced with gold

My world a beauty to behold

And wise old dogs do form my pride

To amble at my very side.


At night I sleep in an angel’s arms

Her wings protecting me

And moonbeams dance about us

As stardust falls on thee.


So when your life on earth is spent

And you stand at Heaven’s gate

Have no fear of loneliness

For here, you know I wait."


Via con Dios, Annie.

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