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Another newbie (sorta)

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OK after about a year of lurking, I decided it was high time to come out of the shadows!

I've been owned by BC's for the past 20+ years...my mom ( a Brit) tells me my obsession started when I saw my first trial at the tender age of 6 while living in Sussex for a short time...Fast forward about 40 years...right now I have a saddle patterned female,Molly,5 yrs old and 3 of her pups...almost 1yr olds...2 males and 1 female(and yes the girls are spayed)...the pups have been started on sheep...to add to the mix... hubby and I have 4 horses,Quarters...

As for work...hubby is fulltime farrier,grew up in sheep/goat country in Tx(with BC's) and I'm a narcotics K9 officer for Customs and spent a good part of my childhood living overseas...

...OK so it's not the shortest intro but there you go

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