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I forgot Jett's birthday

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I am a bad owner. I forgot all about it. It's third child syndrome. That, and she's the only one whose birthday doesn't fall on a holiday. How am I supposed to remember?


Well anyway, she did get a present albeit a couple of days late. She liked it.




Sorry, it's a crappy Blackberry photo. I don't have an iPhone (yet).


Happy birthday Baddog!

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Wow...Jett is already 2? Seems just yesterday you were posting pics of her as a small puppy! I love the pic of the Wubba in front of her. Happy Birthday Jett. I always forget my dog's birthdays till after. Although once at the drs office twice (in the same day) and later at the pharmacy I gave the date of my daughter's BD as Feb 8th. It wasn't till at the pharmacy she said "you know Mom, that's not my BD" I felt so bad! Feb 8th is Seth's BD. Bad Mom.

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