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  1. Hope it went well and that you enjoyed yourself.
  2. Since it was unavailable in US, I found rose hip capsules at health food store that had the same mg. per.
  3. Sue, I am so sorry to read about Celt. Hope consult with vet is positive. As Nancy stated, "it is the pits". Suki
  4. Beautiful poem. I am so sorry for your loss of Willow.
  5. Sorry to read of your loss. RIP Kipp.
  6. The closest vet to me is 1.5 hours. An orthopedic vet I use is 2.5 hours and a vet school that I use, if I know it is serious, is 4 hours. I also am 1 hour away from a decent size grocery store. So, I would do the drive.
  7. Do not know if this will help. When one of my dogs was a pup she would grab and play with the leash made walking her a pain. I just changed to a light weight metal chain leash and the behavior stopped on its own. Was able to go back to a leather leash once the behavior was changed and she matured a little,
  8. Hope your trip home is uneventful. Have enjoyed your travelogue very much and will look forward to your book.
  9. Check out dogbotties.com. You could email them with what you are looking for. Great company good boots. Good luck.
  10. Nice to hear that her whisker "was jaunty"!
  11. Good luck at your first trial.enjoyed reading your post.
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