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  1. I thought that a peer review was supposed to precede release of a test. Maybe they decided to release the test without a peer review? Will there be any information released about the mode of inheritance of EAOD and what genes might be involved? It would be nice to understand the test and genetics before we start testing. That said, it's great news to hear that there will soon be a test.
  2. The research group did make a push for submission of BAER tested known carrier and known affected over the past couple of years. I think they got some good response.
  3. I believe the study has hosted 3-4 BAER/DNA collection clinics since 2012. In April 2012, a A Ruhe and C Williams hosted one such clinic at McCormack Ranch SDT in CA. I attended and the clinic was well attended with many random dogs plus some dogs from known families. In Sept 2013 (?), M Neff, A Ruhe and Colette Wiliams offered another clinic at Meeker SDT (Mike and Laura Hanley can confirm…they were there as I remember them (and others) talking about it). I did not attend. I believe that the research group offered 1 or 2 more BAER/DNA clinics….but I can't recall the specif
  4. There are a number of recent updates to the Frequently Asked Questions page at projectDOG. Haystack, there will be an update shortly about the lab and research team that should answer your questions.
  5. Mark My understanding is that batch sizes will be processed at about 100 samples per batch. This doesn't seem extraordinarily large….certainly not in light of the enthusiastic response that is being expressed over the past several days. Haystack The limited time offer has to do with Mark B's concern about batch sizes as well as sustainable economics. If there is strong response, then batches will be filled and processed timely as committed on projectDOG's website. In order to keep costs to a minimum, chips need to be processed in economical batches. If demand tapers off, then batch
  6. The reason a DNA Test for EOD is being offered to the border collie community is that it will benefit most breeding decisions now, and many of us in the community really need this information now so as not to keep producing affected dogs (and suffering the heartbreak and perpetuation of this genetic disease). Border collie owners and breeders have pushed for this to happen. The researchers are willing to do this because it can benefit both breeding and research. Mark, you have commented that the EOD research may take years to be concluded because the dogs being tested are likely to be young
  7. I have two working dogs with early onset deafness. They can both hear….and are quite functional as pets. However, in work, they have trouble with whistles…..I believe that the high tones are much more difficult for them. They are pretty good with vocals (lower tones). They are confused and anxious when they are wrong….probably because I escalate and they hear the anger/urgency/escalation.
  8. Julie It sounds like a pier and post foundation. What is around the perimeter. If it is a pier and post, it isn't necessarily bad...most old homes were built this way. You need to inspect the exterior and interior walls for signs of any shifting/cracks. Take a level and check to see how level the floors are. My mother renovated numerous old homes and always used to jump up and down on the floors to see if the house shook (foundation weakness) or if there was any give (rot). If the house is still standing solid and straight after all this time, then it might just be a good foundation. G
  9. Is it possible that he simply got lost??
  10. At Meeker, I entered the shedding ring with 15 minutes still on the clock. I angled and maneuvered but could not make the first cut to save my life. Fifteen minutes is an eternity when you can't make any progress in the shedding ring. It was hot and my run was the 10th and last. Rye was really hot and tired. At 3 minutes remaining, I started a mantra...."please don't let me time out without my first cut". Moments later, I thought I might have my first cut but wasn't sure because the sheep had heavy wool and their heads down. I tentatively squeezed the group off but didn't move them very
  11. Denise, My shed at Big Willow, ID was a gift from God. I believe the sheep were RambollietX yearlings....they were fabulous sheep, very fit and honest....they would sort out the weak and "wrong" dogs but were very nice to handle. Rye had an excellent first outrun, but went a little off line on the first fetch. He had alot of trouble on the look back...he actually turned the right direction and looked the right direction but couldn't see them and didn't believe me...so he refused. I insisted several more times, and he finally took off with purpose in the right direction. I thought he
  12. Thanks Charlie for the recognition. Rye has been running very well in his first year of Open competition....Big Willow was his 3rd Double Lift Finals in the last 9 months as a 3-4 yr old (including Western States Regionals and Meeker). I'm really proud of his performance at Big Willow. We still need to perfect some of his advanced skills, specifically a blind lookback and directions....and listening to me!! However, I think he put in a stellar performance given his inexperience (and mine...I'm barely out of Novice myself). Thanks,
  13. Charlie's formula probably holds true under multiple repetitions....like say 1,000,000. Now there's hell for you. Maybe that's how the handlers in the UK get so good at it.
  14. I have a slightly different perspective on using a flank command or shhh at the feet. For me, a flank command tells my dogs to square out. If I give a flank to the dog at my feet, they will both square out wide for a REALLY large outrun.....this will normally produce a larger wider outrun than I would typically want. For the most part, I set my dogs up on the side I want them to run and shhhh to produce a more pear shaped outrun. A hard or soft shhhh will determine the rate of acceleration....a second shhh will create additional acceleration. I have one dog that is very wide on the left..
  15. Are you allowing Daphne to get on balance before asking her to lie down??
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