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Getting a puppy, I am insane

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Well, does anyone remember Princess, the sheltie mix that the foster mom where I got Scout had? I found her a home and she was the happiest dog ever with their resident sheltie, Monty? Too happy. She had pups July 3rd. Monty was 9 months and the family didn't realize he was "mature". They feel really stupid about that. Princess, now Callie, was severely injured when she was rescued and d/t multiple surgeries couldn't be spayed at the time. This happy union happened shortly after Callie came to her new family.


Anyway, there are 8 pups, 4 boys and 4 girls. We will be taking one when they are 8 weeks old. They have homes for the others.


It has been 14 years since I raised a puppy and I remember it as more taxing then any of my 4 children have been. However, that was before the 4 kids, so I am hoping I am a lot better at raising "younguns" than I was then.


Scout is 2 yrs. old, neutered male. He is a very nice dog, not too fond of other dogs, but does well with the cats and is fine with laid back dogs. We will be using a crate and my younger two children are VERY excited.


I guess I am asking, am I crazy? Will this be the biggest disaster of all time? Will we fall so in love we won't care? I was going to get some chickens, but I guess a puppy is ok instead.

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ROFLMBO You are NUTS! but it is worth every minute of it. But you are less NUTS than me ~ your youngest is potty trained if memory serves where mine was not. Seriously, you can handle it. You already juggle kids and dogs are like toddlers with fur. Congrads on the pup. Did the new parents get the lover boy fixed?

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Puppies are (USUALLY) so much fun, if you really stick to what you know you need to do & you gather as much puppy info as you can possibly fit into your brain. =P I'm happy to say that my pup is 4 months old now, and I have yet to go insane! Hopefully the teenager stage won't kill us all.


Oh, and I did raise him along with my high maintenance, puppy-hating Border Collie! I gave him tons of attention, tons of exercise, and for the first few weeks the 2 only got a few hours of supervised time together every day. Now, they love each other and are completely comfortable playing, wrestling, & sleeping together... Gonzo is also much happier, and has more energy than right before we adopted Fozzie.


Congrats on the new baby! Oohh, I can't wait to see Shmeltie baby pics! What a wierd situation your pup was concieved by, but it's great the owners are fully taking responsibility for the unexpected pups.

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I think you'll be ok. It's been 11 years since I raised a puppy..lol. So I know what you mean. But I'm doing ok.


Both of mine turned 6 mos this week. What a joy they have been.


At first yes, it can be overwhelming until you get them into a routine-by day three- then things smooth out. And it is sooo worth it, believe me!!


But yeah it's normal to have those moments where you ask yourself, "Am I insane..?"



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Thanks for all of your understanding. I don't know if Monty is already fixed, but I have told them I am not taking a pup without that being in place. I have offered to drive him to the vet if need be. But, hopefully, a moot point and it is already taken care of.


I am hoping a sheltie mix won't be quite the puppy work that our golden was. One time I went to answer the phone, it was a wrong # and I was gone less than 30 seconds. She ate an entire wall in that time and we were renting!! The stories about her are endless, but she made a huge turnaround at about 7 months and never looked back.


Now we are waiting until Callie (mom) will let us in the door. She has become decidedly unfriendly as a mom, which I am hoping means she is just a good mom. She was a happy-go-lucky dog before. Poor Monty (dad) thinks his life is over, he cannot understand why she doesn't want to play!! Ok, no men comments!!!


So anyone raise a sheltie pup? Different from a retriever pup? Or is pup raising as diverse as dogs are and you couldn't make an estimate based on breed?

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