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Blue was my 1st Border collie and I guess she was a Lucky accident. I was in an apartment at the time and a relative brought this little pup home but soon found that Blue was more than a handful. I was offered her and not wanting to see her go to the pound I hesitantly agreed. She proved to be a handful that’s for sure and I knew little about this breed. She ate Books Shoes, furniture, socks and any other personal item I left out and about. After two years she finally grew tired of most of these items (or decided to have a heart) and settled down into a very good house mate. Blue was born Aug 1st 1991 and for the next 15 years became my best friend & that one dog that compare all others to. She was loyal, loving & I affectionately came to call her my "shadow". She would follow me from room to room, and we did everything together from walking up town to get her a MR. Freezee on a hot summer day to going Fishing. Her favorite Dinner was spaghetti and she would literally Vibrate with anticipation knowing she would score a small plate for herself. She also loved Dairy Queen and would hang out the vehicles window at the drive-thue to score herself a “Doggie Cone” on occasion. After 15 years with Blue the tough decision came to let her go on November 17th 2008, after she became quite ill. She was having trouble standing up and could not keep food down. This however, did not stop her from continuing to follow me from room to room. She came in and sat down beside me and looked up at me and we both knew it was time. So with a very heavy heart we went for her final “ride in the car”. The Vet said it was "just her time" and so I stayed by her side, just as she had stood by mine for those 15 wonderful years, until she drifted off to sleep. Our ashes will be placed together when my time comes.


Blue, you may have left this world but you are still in my heart and will be forever.


I guess one of the greatest things Blue gave me was an introduction to how wonderful a breed the border collies were. I found a second Border Collie/Springer Spaniel in Aug of 2001 and Tia was as big of handful as Blue was when she was a pup. I on the other hand was a little more prepared and by this time had a house with a Fenced in yard. Yes there were still lots of chewed up shoes, Socks etc but we persevered and Tia has become a great companion as well. I credit Tia with bringing new life back to Blue when we got her and do not think we would have had Blue for as long as we did had it not been for Tia. Thank you Tia! She loves to run and is a high energy dog as well but since November has been quite depressed without Blue around. We have since decided that Tia will have a new Little sister.


Our third Border Collie is on the way . Luna was born Dec 27 2008 on the night of a New Moon and will be another highly anticipated "Handful" I am sure and we are looking forward to every minute of it.


post-9606-1232773734_thumb.jpg post-9606-1232773782_thumb.jpg post-9606-1232773814_thumb.jpg



post-9606-1232773846_thumb.jpg post-9606-1232773879_thumb.jpg


Here is the only video I have of my girl. She was only 3 yars old here. Playing with her frind Taffy the schnauzer. They became great friends as well.




Goodbye Blue

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Add my condolences on the loss of your beautiful Blue. She looked like a beautiful dog.


Let us know when Luna comes into your home. I'm sure she will provide Tia with a happy companion and quickly perk up her spirits :rolleyes:



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My sympathies for your loss - Blue clearly was well-loved and left you with many special memories. I too have a bc/springer who loves her companion dogs and would be lost without them - I'm sure Tia will tell Luna all about Blue and how Blue is the one who convinced you that your life needed border collies!

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Add my condolences on the loss of your beautiful Blue. She looked like a beautiful dog.


Let us know when Luna comes into your home. I'm sure she will provide Tia with a happy companion and quickly perk up her spirits :rolleyes:





Thank you, Blue was a treasure and I was Blessed to have her for 15 years, although even that seems like it was not long enough. She was a very healthy girl right up until the last week of her life. She did start to get arthritic in her final year, a litte slow to get up and slow to lay down, but that was no problem, I would carry her up the stairs at night for bed & she would come down with no problem in the morning. They come into your life so full of energy, you watch them and wonder if they will ever slow down and then one day they do. That’s the hardest for me. But having them by your side for all those years as loyal trusted friends is what makes it all worth it. They hide nothing behind those eyes; they are the personification of unconditional love. True Blue Friends .



And you can be sure that Luna will be well represented here. I plan on taking lots of pictures of her as she grows up. She is Black and White like Blue but I have always liked those Split Faced Border Collies too. So we were fortunate enough to get the pick of the litter and as luck would have it, one pup was born with a split face. We already had the name Luna picked out and she was born on Dec 27th, which ironically was the night of a new moon so her name suites her well. Here is Luna on her first day!



post-9606-1232822886_thumb.jpg post-9606-1232823147_thumb.jpg

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Each day, I check this section, praying that there are no new posts (because they will break my heart), but knowing that if there is a new post, a fellow dog lover needs to know that I am thinking of him or her. I hope that this thought brings some solace.


My precious girl passed away, no more to breathe a sound.

I held her for the last time, then entombed her in the ground.

Day and night I wept so much, in tears I thought I'd drown.

I searched my soul for comfort, but no peace therein was found.


In great despair, I hit my knees and then began to pray.

"Father, will I ever see my dog again someday?"

I raised my eyes and saw an angel standing near a gate.

I sensed an inner peace I'd never felt before that day.


The angel smiled and said to me, "Oh ye of little faith!

God sees every bird that falls; He knows your puppy's fate.

I have met your little dog, I saw her pass my way.

Your precious dog is still alive; she just walked through this gate.


Paradise is lovelier than you can comprehend.

No pain or grief, no tears or fears, and life will have no end.

God gave to man His only Son, to cover all his sins.

So why would God withhold from you, your pure and loving friend?”


The angel took me by the hand and said, "Now come with me.

A glimpse of paradise I'll give, to you so you can see."

Through the gate and o'er the Rainbow Bridge we did proceed.

Through green valleys filled with flowers, rolling hills and trees.


“Wow, so this is paradise!” The place was filled with joy.

I saw my puppy playing there, with dogs and cats and toys.

She also had some doggie treats, and food that she enjoyed.

She'd made a lot of new friends there, including girls and boys.


Then I saw a child come near, and hug my little mate.

She said to her, "I love you so," and kissed her on the face.

The angel said, "The child just crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.

Now she needs a little friend, to love and help her play.


God’s love for her would be enough, in that make no mistake.

But in His love, He knew full well, the child would want a mate.

This is why God called your dog unto this splendid place.

God’s entrusted her with your baby, ‘til you pass through the gate."


I pleaded, “May I hug them both?!” The angel answered, “No!

You’d violate a sacred site, and now it’s time to go.”

He led me back across the Bridge and through the gate to home.

He left me there with new-found hope and peace within my soul.


If someone ever asks what happens to a dog that dies,

Just give a gentle smile of joy and look them in the eye.

Take their hand and comfort them and tell them not to cry.

For dogs don’t die, they simply cross a bridge to paradise.


Blue is waiting for you at the Bridge; but in the meantime, she has important work to do.


Via con Dios, beloved little girl...

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Reading about your dear Blue reminded me so much of my Kate, who I lost the same month as you did Blue. I cannot be as eloquent as Bustopher always is, but I wanted to share my sympathy on your loss of Blue and my hopes that Luna will brighten your home when she arrives. She is one adorable pup, that's for sure.

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I'm so sorry to read of your loss. Fifteen years. What a blessing he was in your life. Not nearly long enough though. I pray that God will allow us to have Scooter for many years to come. Loving thoughts coming your way.


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