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  1. Finally got down to visit her again and got a couple pictures of her little face. Enjoy!!
  2. They were actually moving around quite well. They had a mat down but Gracy was getting quite warm duing the birth and found the cooler wood more to her likeing. A more comfortable space was made up fro her and her pups after she was though.
  3. Introducing Solara (puppy on the left). Only an hour old here and too busy with her first meal to get a picture of her face so the tail end will have to do. She is the sister to Luna from a previous litter. Only two pups in this litter but big and sassy. So its back to puppy proofing the house and loading up with puppy toys. More pictures to follow when we bring our new little one home.
  4. Went for a drive yesterday and stopped to take Luna and Tia for a walk along the lake. Unfortunatly we forgot their toys at home. Luna had never had the deep water experience and we were curious if she would take to water as well as Tia, our BC/ Springer did. Here is the answer.
  5. Just some Pics of Luna and Tia playing last week.
  6. Mine always have them on. When I do remove them on occasion I find my dogs want them back o. They will come over and try and slip their head back into the collar. I think they actually feel strange without them.
  7. I guess I am in the minority. When I had Blue (who is no longer with us) and I scolded Tia for something Blue would show very little interest or concern. Now the funny part is that when the roles were reversed and it was Blue that was gettng in trouble (rarly happened but on occasion she was not perfect LOL ) Tia would rejoice, even if she was in the other room I would here her tail start to hit the floor as it began wagging. LOL
  8. Its three parts but well worth watching.
  9. This Dog obviously loves cupcakes!! LOL Go get`em Stains!! http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=H6jsKUw1j8k
  10. Thank you, Blue was a treasure and I was Blessed to have her for 15 years, although even that seems like it was not long enough. She was a very healthy girl right up until the last week of her life. She did start to get arthritic in her final year, a litte slow to get up and slow to lay down, but that was no problem, I would carry her up the stairs at night for bed & she would come down with no problem in the morning. They come into your life so full of energy, you watch them and wonder if they will ever slow down and then one day they do. That’s the hardest for me. But having them by
  11. GOODBYE OLD FRIEND ! Blue was my 1st Border collie and I guess she was a Lucky accident. I was in an apartment at the time and a relative brought this little pup home but soon found that Blue was more than a handful. I was offered her and not wanting to see her go to the pound I hesitantly agreed. She proved to be a handful that’s for sure and I knew little about this breed. She ate Books Shoes, furniture, socks and any other personal item I left out and about. After two years she finally grew tired of most of these items (or decided to have a heart) and settled down into a very good h
  12. Where to start? LOL Well Tia use to have a habbit of picking up her entire Food Bowl and carrying it around the house to more comfortable places. It was kind of funny at first but after stepping on Kibble at 4:00 in the morning that was all up and down the stairs on several occasions we decided enough was enough and fixed that by using one of those bowls that fit in beside the Water Bottle thingy. The weight of the water keeps the food bowl anchored to the floor (for now). lol She has from the day we got her, always layed down to eat her dinner as well which is rather quirky. A
  13. My two love the snow. Blue, the Black and White girl, is no longer with us (we lost her in November after 15 years) but Tia is still chasing snowballs and digging tunnels . Here is a video that came to mind when I saw this thread. I think the question is answered nicely by this dog!
  14. We have a new one on the way and went through the name thing too. LOL Kayla , Kali ,Tundra , Aurora , Sky were all possibilities but we finalluy settled on LUNA. The cool thing is that we finally decided the name in early Decmeber and she was born at 3:00 AM on Dec 27th which was 2 days past her "expected " Christmas arrival date and turned out to be the night of a New Moon, So the Birth of the Moon brought Luna into the world!
  15. Will be getting a new addition to the family soon and I I stumbled upon this information today. Has anyone had any experience with using Tamiflu to fight against Parvo virus ? Apparently it works great if used in the very early stages of the disease. She also states that it works against canine bordetella as well. Next time I am at my vets I plan on asking him if he has heard of using tamiflu. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTmUevHCHcI
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