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  1. Finally got down to visit her again and got a couple pictures of her little face. Enjoy!!
  2. They were actually moving around quite well. They had a mat down but Gracy was getting quite warm duing the birth and found the cooler wood more to her likeing. A more comfortable space was made up fro her and her pups after she was though.
  3. Introducing Solara (puppy on the left). Only an hour old here and too busy with her first meal to get a picture of her face so the tail end will have to do. She is the sister to Luna from a previous litter. Only two pups in this litter but big and sassy. So its back to puppy proofing the house and loading up with puppy toys. More pictures to follow when we bring our new little one home.
  4. Went for a drive yesterday and stopped to take Luna and Tia for a walk along the lake. Unfortunatly we forgot their toys at home. Luna had never had the deep water experience and we were curious if she would take to water as well as Tia, our BC/ Springer did. Here is the answer.
  5. Just some Pics of Luna and Tia playing last week.
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