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So, poor Sol has been thru every kibble known to humankind, a brief trial of raw, multiple workups by the vet and several courses of Flagyl, Panacur for his on-again-off-again diarrhea over the last year.


All things being taken into consideration, incl the fact that the guys eat together, the Canidae formula change and price hike...we finally settled on a diet that seemed to suit both Kip and Sol: Costco's lamb and rice kibble + a bit of plain yogurt + canned pumpkin.


Sol's gut settled down. Kip, who is a picky eater, ate with real relish for the first time. (Kip has turned up his nose at turkey. Whatever.)


I was worried that Sol, who tends to put weight on easily, would gain, which would be harder on his bad hip(s). Feedings of the new delicious kibble/yogurt/pumpkin were carefully measured and monitored.


Kip seemed to be getting, um, extra fluffy. Sol looked fine. I kept telling DH that there was more than fluff there---there was an absence of ribs to be felt. Kip was turning into a little fat collie.


Kip was definitely looking chunky, so he went along with Sol to the vet's when Sol had his checkup yesterday. I insisted that he be weighed...up 5 pounds!...in a month-6 weeks. 49 pounds of collie dog. (43-44 is "right" for Kip.)


DH swears he measures the food. And he was.


Kip, we discovered tonight, has learned to open the kibble storage...and was helping himself on the sly. Kibble storage now moved to a higher shelf.

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DH once came home to find that Shoshone, devil in a border collie suit, had unlocked the snap lock lid to the kibble bin and eaten at least a week's worth of kibble. DH said there was kibble every where in the house, plus she had taken several chewies and stashed them in a closet. DH found those, one by one, over the next month.


She looked like she'd swallowed a basketball, and positively waddled when she walked. After 3 horse sized poops the next day, one right after the other, she felt fine.


Our dog food bin is now stored above her clever little head.



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Senneca's kibble is kept in a bin with a screw lid. This happened right after a bag mysteriously jumped off a shelf and ended up on the living room floor. When I found it, there were only a few kibble pieces remaining. Fortunately, the bag was almost over, so no digestive issues -- unlike the episode involving a 1lb slab of mature Cheddar cheese.

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unlike the episode involving a 1lb slab of mature Cheddar cheese.

LOL! That reminds me of an incident when Scooter was a young one. He hadn't quite learned about not jumping up on counters and stealing food. One night, I was searching for a quick, healthy snack and found a small chunk of cheddar cheese in the fridge. I put it on the island and walked a few feet away to get the Triscuits. When I turned back around, my snack had disappeared. It was obvious what had happened to it, and I was so frustrated I looked at him and growled, "I hope you throw it up!" A few minutes later, he did! :rolleyes: Yuck! From the "Be careful what you wish for" file! :D

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Wow, I thought I had the only food-hoarder dog. Lu, the mutt, once emptied the bottom shelf of my sister & BIL's pantry. She hid bags of food everywhere! Didn't eat a thing, but we were finding bags of nuts, granola, etc for months. Including one bag under a shelf in their bathroom when they moved two years later.


Darn! And I thought Lu was special :rolleyes:


Nick was recently nosing around the trash can, licking off whatever I spilled off the stove, and he came *this* close to nosing up the lid. I'm glad I caught him before he got the lid up- that's the last thing he needs to learn.

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How funny! I keep the kibble in a 5 gal bucket with one of those special covers you snap on the lip and then the cover screws onto that. Works great!


I tried that Honest Kitchen for awhile and had just bought a 10 lb box of the stuff. It comes in a plain cardboard box. I also had a foster that was an escape artist (unknown at the time) from her kennel. While I was at work, she busted out of her kennel and got into the box, eating somewhere between 1 and 2 lbs of dehydrated food :D Boy, does that do wonders for a dog digestive system :rolleyes: After a week of escaping incidents, I finally just dog proofed the living room and left her out with Lucia. Who would have thought leaving a dog outside their kennel would stop destructive behavior :D

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