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Possible new addition to the family

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We are looking at bringing a new dog into the group.


Her name is Nisa and is an owner surrender in Indiana that is looking for a new home for her.

She looks to be a blue merle and according to the owner that got her from the breeder as a puppy she is 3/4 BC and 1/4 ACD.

She was farm bred from working stock on the BC side and possibly on the other but they are not sure.

She has a blue left eye and a brown right.

I can't see any ACD in her except that it looks like she may have a little brown around her muzzle.


We are going to see if she fits in with the group. If she doesn't the owner does not want her back, but I don't think re-homing her would be a problem if it came to that.


I will post more as things progress.

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She sure is a beautiful dog. I hope she fits in with everyone. Let me know.

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She's gorgeous- I don't see ACD either but in the picture of her standing she looks a little Aussie to me- probably just because she's long and fuzzy though. She has kind of Aussie hindquarters in that picture. I hope everything goes well for you guys.

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The post is back, yeah!

It disappeared for a while into the cosmic black hole of DNS mischief but through the work of our wonderful Princess Eileen everything is well in the universe again.


It may be that she is Aussie instead of ACD. (Nisa that is, not Eileen :rolleyes: )

At one point when I was talking to the present owner he said "Aussie" and at another he said "ACD".

I don't really care either way.


I know he wants to get rid of the dog soon and I know we would be a good home as long as the 7 other maniacs behave.

Chloe has been acting "strange" since we lost Baby and is getting really clingy. I know she misses her play friend and Bernie, well, is a bit too much for Chloe to handle when he wants to play with her.

And I really miss a Frisbee partner.


As we left it the other night, we are tentatively going to meet between here and there Sunday the 21st.


I will post some pics as soon as I can.

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Thanks everybody.

I had talked to Wendy and Jeanne Weaver last week at Green Acres SDT about getting a new dog and was frankly thinking more along the lines of a purebred working line young dog. That is still not out of the question.

There is another one at Great Lakes BCR, Nettie, that we are probably going to foster if our foster application with GLBCR goes through.

But when I saw this one (actually my wife saw her first and then told me) and saw she was a Frisbie dog, well it just seemed to click.

When my wife agreed about getting another BC her only condition was that it could not be a fluff butt that looked like Baby Girl. That was fine with me since I could not have taken that either.

Since Nisa is still fairly young at 4 years old, I may talk to Jeanne or Kelly Murningham about bringing her out on day to see if she shows any interest is sheep. The 2 times I had Baby at Green Acres and another time at a farm near me that raises sheep, she showed no interest what so ever.


Wendy, if you are still reading this, how did you do Sunday? I was going to stay longer for the Open but it was getting a little tough watching all of those great dogs.

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