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  1. Don't know if it will do any good but I reported the ad as a possible scam since it claims the dogs are ABCA registered and being a poodle cross, this is blatant false or misleading advertising.
  2. OK, I see where I was mistaken and my apologies for my erroneous assumption. When your web site mentioned breeding for the show ring, I thought it meant ACK. Looking at the ASCA website, I see they promote their own version of an appearance based breed standard so that while you could have a CH, it would be an ASCA CH as opposed to an ACK CH. Is that correct or can a ASCA registered dog be both? I would have hoped that the ASCA would be more like ABCA where at least the stated goal is performance based breeding, not appearance.
  3. The website talks about dogs that are suitable for the show ring. I am assuming this means the ACK ring and judging by the letters before and after some of the dogs names, I assume that means they are ACK shown dogs and champions as well. I would like to know if this is correct, because if it is and the Las Rocosa kennels is breeding show dogs, it kind of blows any credibility I may have had for that kennel. ACK is not only bad for Border Collies, it is bad for all breeds.
  4. That Daylight Saving Time ends the first Sunday in November. This means woo-wooing at what is now 4:30 am to get me up (when I set my alarm, haha, at 5:30 am) and 4 pm to get fed (when you get fed when the clock reads 5 pm) isn't going to work!
  5. Julie, Yes, I know it is not ok. But I also know that there is a dichotomy on this board when it comes to calling it out. Sleazy breeders are called out on this board by name, and IMO rightfully so, when they are color breeders, puppy mills, etc., but in the 7 years I have been on this board, "respected" trialers and breeders that are not much, if any better, are only alluded to, never named. Why is that?
  6. Of course you then get some of the biggest of the big hats that will sell their dogs to byb / puppy mills / color breeders and are not only not ashamed of the fact that they do, but highlight the breeder they sold to on their web page. But that is ok, I guess, because the big hats have no responsibility what happens to their pups after they have been sold to the sleaze breeders. Or so I have been told on this board.
  7. Here it is of different but I don't know if it unusual. Nisa will only play with Bernie inside or out and the only game they will play is tug. It is most often one of them shoving the object de jour into the others face, not wanting what the other has. Outside, Bernie will play with Chloe, but only chase. Chloe is not into toys. Tasha will play chase with Chloe, but not Bernie. Nisa outside will take any object Tasha has away from her and Tasha lets her. Tasha will run behind Nisa, but more to aggravate Nisa than anything else. (At least it has been over a year since those 2 tried to kill each other. Since Nisa always gets the worst of it and typically started the fight in the first place, maybe she has learned.) I am sure there is some kind of pack dynamic / doggy psychology that could explain their interactions or lack thereof.
  8. I should have noted that Capstar is not a long term preventative. We used it on Tasha since she had fleas from the pound and we did not want to bring her into our house with them. We have (thankfully) been virtually flea free at our home for almost 20 years and only use preventatives on the rare instance we find a flea on any one of the dogs. So far this year I think we have found 2 or 3 so we have had to break out the Frontline a couple times but with the weather no getting colder, I hope we are done for the year.
  9. When we got Tasha she had fleas from the pound. The vet gave her Capstar (http://www.capstar.novartis.us/) which worked great. May be worth looking into.
  10. I don't see how a talented dog would be "shut out". If Spot is unable to be registered because one of his parents was an ACK champion and de-registered, Spot could... Still be trained as a sheepdog. Still enter USBCHA trials. If handled by a USBCHA member, collect points towards the Nationals If good enough, trial at the Nationals If really good enough, be bred and the resulting offspring could be ROM'ed. The only thing Spot cannot do is be ABCA registered. Spot does not care about that, only Spot's owner does.
  11. But as people decide not to have kids but to have dogs, breeds actually get altered. If we alter a breed too much, it can’t do what it was bred to do,” Delsman said. (emphasis added) Yeah, that's why... (where is the puke emoticon)
  12. As Mr. McCaig quoted in a different thread, "A Man cannot serve two Masters". The masters here being the working bred Border Collie or the AKC. It has always been my opinion and position that the AKC has proven itself to serve more to the detriment of all breeds it has touched than it has ever served to their betterment and because of that and in that regard I personally consider them evil. And I do not support or compromise with evil. One can make excuses that it is the only game in town for some activities, or that because you have border collies you don't care how they have ruined every other sporting or working breed they have come into contact with (because you don't own those), but truly if you are in for a penny you are in for a pound. To claim otherwise, again in my opinion, is rank hypocrisy. There is leeway that can be granted to the "great unwashed", but that is when it becomes imperative to educate those people on the harm the AKC has caused the breeds it claims to champion. Among those are the fact that the AKC, its quest for revenue and its de facto support of puppy mills and back yard breeders to fill its coffers promotes a never ending supply of euthanasia fodder, as well as the genetic corruption and destruction of once useful and noble breeds with the working Border Collie being one of its more recent victims. AKC, Another Killed Canine
  13. I guess I don't know where all these ill-mannered dogs are, or I have a higher tolerance threshold or maybe I have just been extremely lucky my entire life but I have never had the dog confrontations many here seem to have had. Not even when I was young (10-14) and my dad had a home delivery milk route that I was on every day of the summer or when I later had a paper route. I have never, literally never, been bitten by a dog other than my own and then only twice and both were understandable from the dog's viewpoint. (Sadie who bit me when she was in severe pain and I touched her wrong and a collie mix we had when I was a kid and I provoked her.) Yes, I have had dogs try to hump my leg and other obnoxious behaviors and maybe its just me, but usually a good scowl or sharp "hey what the hell ya doing" has been all the correction necessary. Substitute "your child" for "my dog" in these illustrations of poor training and are the actions of the aggrieved the same? If your ill mannered child won't stop screaming in a restaurant, do I have the right to crack him upside the head to correct your child rearing failure? Will you object if I do? How about if I catch your kid throwing eggs at my house, can I give him (or her) a good hard swift kick in the crotch? After all, it is YOUR job to manage YOUR child and it is not MY job to tolerate it or to adopt your particular method of training (to quote havenjm). Your child should be better behaved then my dog is unless you think my dog is smarter than your kid.
  14. I think first of all, most non working people that want a border collie need to get over the "must have puppy" syndrome. Yes puppies are cute and snuggly and all that good stuff, but there is also housebreaking, teething, room redecorating, and all that not so good stuff. As most all of us probably agree, any puppy is a crap shoot in most every way. I would personally get a 1.5 - 2 year old well socialized, housebroken, basic trained border collie from good working breeding lines that doesn't make the herding cut than an 8-10 week puppy anytime. In fact after Baby died almost 3 years ago, I contacted about 6-8 open level trialers looking for a washout but then fate brought me Nisa. (but I digress) If more people would get over "must have puppy" syndrome, we would have far less border collies in shelters as it would be far easier to match dog and owner. Since a dog / owner pairing should be a match for life IMO, the more known about the dog, the better the chances.
  15. Yeah :D this is really gonna happen.... :D (not)
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