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Solo and Fly add color commentary...

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Solo thought the video cameras were kind of odd so he was a bit subdued, but he and Fly did a great job in this short video the University of California "Science Today" team did about the Canine Behavioral Genetics Project.


I have no idea how to embed videos here, so you'll need to go to this page:




and scroll down. Click on Fly's big fat face to watch.

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We'd love Woobie's DNA!


For that matter, we want DNA from all of your dogs! PM me to find out how!


For handlers going to the Finals next week, we'll be there with bells on, collecting samples and partying down. If you'll be there, let me know. We will be there from the beginning through the double lift final.


Solo's Lassie Ass is in full force in that video, this is true. My necklace is turned around backward, and I am amused by the cutaway edits with the black and white profile shots that my brother pronounced "very 'A Current Affair.'" But they did a nice job on the video, and I think it explains what we're about.

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For the broader project: ANY DOG.


For the Border Collie project: ANY BORDER COLLIE.


We prefer to get pedigrees, because that means we can use the samples for more analyses. For example, most or all of our initial analyses require pedigrees to be known because we have to be able to either identify relatives or eliminate relatives, depending on the type of analysis. Even further, blood samples from dogs of known pedigree are the most highly desired, because we'll be able to do the absolute most with those (see post in "Under the Handler's Tent" for more about that.)


Once we have candidate genes that need to be verified, we will be able to use samples from dogs of unknown pedigree.


So, even if your dog does not have a pedigree, or is a mix, we are happy to have his or her samples. If your dog has a pedigree, and you are willing to send us blood samples instead of cheek swabs, please PM me and we'll arrange something. If you'd rather not do blood samples, we're happy to receive cheek swabs too. We're flexible that way. :rolleyes:

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Melanie, do you prefer to have blood sent in your lab's kits? It occurs to me that I might be able to get quite a number of samples from patients who are, say, getting OFA hips (etc) done... they all (quite handily) bring in at least some kind of registration info with them, since it has to be imprinted on the Xrays. If you want it sent in your lab's kits, maybe I can get a small stack of them......? (I also might know [ahem] a few BCs and "other" dogs who would be willing to participate....) :rolleyes:

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Melanie from how you describe Solo when you first took him in and now seeing him in this video, that dog has true admiration and respect for you. You've come such a long way w/ him. He doesn't seem like the abnormal dog that you almost couldn't deal w/ in the beginning.


In alot of ways Solo reminds me of Pache and even though we aren't on the same level yet...you and Solo give me hope that one day we will have that kind of bond where he trusts me completely, no matter what situation may arise.

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Hey Melanie

That's a great peice.

I sent away for a test kit for Shep. So, do we get results at all on what is found or is it too huge to track all that info? Are there any clear findings so far or trends within species or particularly the aggressive dogs? I can send for one for Curly too. (thought it was just for the fiesty dogs) Is there an area for dogs that SIGH often? I just keep thinking, Curly's thinking, these people are so boring, breath deep.



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