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I am just so dang proud of Hoku. We just started agility this summer, and it has been fun, but challenging. He has issues with other dogs in class, and I've wondered if he would ever be able to run a course without melting down. Well, he's been doing great in class lately, and our instructor does a demo at our County Fair, and she asked us to participate. My initial reaction was *no way* could he cope with the over stimulation of the Fair, let alone run a course off leash with a zillion kids and dogs and Ferris wheels and horses, and popping balloons, and no fence. aaahhhhh! But we decided to try it, and WOW, he did GREAT! He was calm, relaxed and happy with all the people (lots of complements and pats from strangers), and he did a great run, was the only beginning dog to get the weaves and got a big cheer from the crowd for that! He stayed focused on me, and I did not even get lost on the course (the biggest miracle of all!) It was really fun! Here is one picture of him on the A-Frame to give you an idea of the crowd (the whole course was that thick with people and dogs)


We go back on Saturday to do the second demo, and I hope he does half as well, given that the crowd will be twice as big! This really proves to me the power of desensitizing, as we took him walking at the Fairgrounds as they were setting things up (ohhhh, the pigs just about sent him over the edge that evening....), and we did a 'practice' as a group the night before the Fair opened. By the time we went for the demo, it was all old hat for him, and he was cool as a cucumber (maybe I should have entered him in the veggie competition.... :rolleyes: )

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Thanks, all! Hoku did pretty darn good again today, had a moment of grump when another dog sniffed up his butt, and he really did not care for the very loud pirate songs going on right behind the course as we were setting up, but he coped and was a good boy. The Fair folks zooming around on the golf carts had him quite unnerved, but he finally got used to strollers! His run was good, got his weaves again, and stayed focused. Wow, the Fair is quite the dog challenge, and he passed with flying colors, what a good boy!

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Well done, doing demo's is a great way to prepare your dog for the atmosphere at a trial. My daughter and I love doing them. Then again I love promoting this sport

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