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  1. I love the suitcase trick. Its so cute when she sticks her nose out!
  2. 1. How were you first introduced to clicker training? (Examples: on this message board, Internet, in a training class, etc) Dog's Life magazine (Australian) 2. Why did you decide to continue to incorporate the clicker in your training as time went on? After reading about it I decided it would provide a clearer marker for correct behaviours as oppose to "good girl" etc. 3. When training a new behavior, how frequently do you incorporate the clicker into your training? A. Always B. Usually C. Sometimes D. Occasionally I've mainly used the clicker for teaching tricks but do also use it for other behaviours. 4. Have you ever taken a training class that was a specific clicker class? No, not many around here. 5. Have you ever taken another type of training class where clicker instruction was incorporated into the curriculum? (Example: Rally, Agility, Freestyle, CGC, Obedience) If yes, what was the topic of the class? No.
  3. I feed raw and find Abbie does really well on it. The only annoying thing is remembering to get bones etc out of the freezer! Sometimes Abbie ends up getting an ice pole if I forget! I used to feed supercoat but Abbie did tons of poos while on that, hence my switching her to raw.
  4. Even if you are not getting to run lots of times I'm sure you would still get to watch others, which can be very valuable.
  5. Been away for a while and just saw this thread. So sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your beautiful Red Dog with us.
  6. Welcome to the boards! Your pup looks very cute.
  7. Oh no! Poor River. I hope she keeps getting better.
  8. Welcome to the boards! I'm also from Australia (melbourne).
  9. YAY for Hoku!!! Sounds like he did really well. Good luck for the next demo.
  10. Abbie loves my dad best. In fact out of family she loves me last. It's so unfair...I walk her, feed her, groom her, train her and she still will always go to my dad if there is a choice!
  11. Did you switch the foods gradually? It might be just the switch and her body is getting used to the new food.
  12. Teach him tricks and basic obedience. Even if he's been already taught basic obed. you can still refine the behaviours. You can also teach him things like fetching a ball up the hallway but don't do any jumping until he's much older. If you are interested in doing agility then there are plenty of foundation exercises you can teach you pup with no equipment. Have fun.
  13. Nup! Abbie couldn't care less about me. She's off chewing mums felt slippers!
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