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Does anyone have pictures of how the ticking progressed in their dogs? Echo has a couple of spots on her face that seem to be darker today than they were the other day ... and a few faint ones looking to start. Her dad has some ticking on his face.


In pups ... is all their ticking present ... or does it develop over time? If it develops, does it start out light and then darken?




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I asked the same question a few months ago about ticking developing (if you do a search you might come up with the replies to that thread). Basically though what I found out is that the ticking can continue to develop, in some cases throughout the dog's life. There are pictures showing development of ticking in the BC Museum

BC Museum ticking pictures

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I can show you the progression on a couple of my pups.


Pip at about six days old:



Pip (near the top) and Phoebe (second from bottom) at 11 days old:



Pip on the right and Phoebe on the bottom at 17 days (you can see the barest evidence of ticking beginning to appear):



Phoebe is beginning to get some ticking at 28 days:



Pip doesn't seem to be getting very ticked yet:



Two days later, you can see a couple of spots on Pip's back, muzzle, and legs (a month old):



At a month old Phoebe also has some significant ticking happening on her face and legs (that's AK Dog Doc's Raven pictured with Phoebe):




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October 3, Phoebe (that's Pip's ear in the foreground):






At about six months old (January 2007):





Phoebe in February:



Pip at 11 months:



The interesting thing about Pip is that his ticking came out a lot slower than Phoebe's did, and he still doesn't look heavily ticked, but if you rub the hair on his back and sides backward, there's a *ton* of black hair in there--it just doesn't show much through his white outer guard hairs.



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I only had one dog with a lot of ticking and you could tell at 8 weeks that she would be that way. It got darker & darker as she grew. The good thing about it was, as she aged, you couldn't see any grey. I thought she was the most beautiful of all.

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Awwwww! Baby Uncle Dave! :rolleyes:





You can see he was trouble from day one, lol!!! Those puppy picks of him escaping where the ones I sent to Andrew while he was deployed to see if he wanted him. LOL one look at those pics and he said yes!!! Dave had a knack for trouble early on. First it was excaping his puppy pen - the only one of the litter to attempt to escape and then a month later jumping from a moving car!!! When he was a pup I was driving down a gravel road to the barn (probably going about 15 mph) and then all of the sudden I saw the passenger window go down and Dave jump out. I slammed on my breaks but was sure I either ran him over or he killed himself falling out, but no he was just fine. His lovely brother Ozzie had stood on the power window button and lowered the window. To this day I think Ozzie told him to jump! Andrew (who was still deployed) called me minutes afterwards, and I was still crying. He said, "well, he is ok, so don't worry. He just wanted to be Airborne qualified." So now when we go to military events and take Dave he wears my husband's unit patch, because he has earned it, lol!!!

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