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Custom sulky, harness wanted

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It's been a long time since I've posted here. I hope you are all doing well.


It's time for Boy and Fynne to learn how to pull me around. I wondered if you might know who I could contact that could build me a sulky and make them a harness? Even a discussion forum that talks about these things would be good.


Boy and Fynne are both doing great. Boy hasn't had any problems at all since that whole fiasco last summer so maybe those antibiotics he was on did the trick. Don't know but he's 100% fine and I'm very happy about that. I can leave him at home now, for hours if I want, and it's not an issue. He can eat out of the same bowl as Fynne now too, so that's not an issue anymore either.


Fynne's come a long way too. I've had strangers come to the house and even inside the house without her even giving them a second look. My neighbor thinks it's a miracle. She still has a ways to go when it comes to other dogs but I'm confident that she'll get to a point where she's ok with their existence.


Well if you have any idea who I might contact about the harness and stuff then please let me know.

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Hey Miztiki, it is good to "see" you here again. Have missed your insights into things.


I did a quick search and found a company that is making sulkies for dogs here. They also have links to other sites.


Don't know if it is what you are looking for, but thought I would pass it along


Hope all is well with you.

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There is a yahoo group called "Carting-L" They might be a good resource. There is also another one called "drivingdogs" but it doesn't look very active. And, one called "BCSledDog" that focuses on using border collies for sledding, skijoring, & carting.


Here are a couple of equipment web pages:



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We were looking into this for a bit (still "out there" as a possibility) to play with the guard dogs during times when there's not as much work. I found a couple of sites with neat "build it yourself" ideas. The sulkies are much more difficult as you have to get the balance right but of course the trade off is the maneuverability.


For parts they were using the frames off golf bag thingies (forget what you call them), wheelchair wheels, and seats from tractor supply places. There's a couple of parts you just can't avoid buying new or buying a whole cart new or used as they are specific to dog carting - joints at the right height, etc.

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Hey Miz, nice to "see" you back. So glad to know your pups are thriving. If I were in your shoes, I might check with a saddle maker. He or she may be able to point you in the right direction. And now that I think of it, there is an activity called "carting" that is a competition in some breeds. I know Swiss Mtn Dogs are one. You may try doing a google search to learn more about the harness that is used for the rig.

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Nice "seeing" you all too, and I hope you and your dogs are all doing well. Becca, I saw your post about Ben and I'm so glad you got him back. (I also saw your pictures of Karen's place on another forum and saved them. That was the most fun I've had in years so it's nice to have pictures.)


I guess sulky isn't the right word but I don't know what is. I want four wheels on the ground, for stability, but not a plain wagon. I've been to all the sites and lists but hoped someone here might know personally of someone who does custom work and is good. If anyone does then please let me know. Take care everyone and enjoy your pups!

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Hey Miz, nice to "see" you back! Hope you'll stick around. I owe you an email, btw. Haven't forgotten you, I've just been sick.


I don't know a whole lot about this type of thing, but it would seem to me that if you had a two wheel deal it would be reasonably easy to turn, but with four wheels (even though it would be more stable) you'd need some sort of capability for turning - maybe such as swiveling wheels like a grocery cart. But, you'd have a lot more issue with upper body and balancing with a two wheel thing, I'd think.


ETA - I took a look at the GSD pulling the one Nancy linked too - that looks WAY cool!

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I don't like supporting dogscooter.com because she is selling her female presa because she "doesn't pull" happily enough to be a good demo dog for her business. I know working dogs are sold all the time but for me, it's dogs first, sport second.


A sulky is a two wheeled vehicle and is much more maneuverable, especially if you want to ride. Jim Walsh and the City Mini posted by Millie's Dad is a fantastic product but pricy (and not what you were looking for).


Four wheeled carts are much heavier, less maneuverable, and you have to teach the dogs to put pressure against the shafts to turn.


As a general rule, you shouldn't get your dogs to pull more than 2.5 times their weight, so if you have two 40lb dogs, you're looking at 200lbs for rider and cart.


The more active dog carting list is chariotsofthedogs on yahoo groups.


You need to decide which kind of cart you want before you can order a harness because the attachments are so different. Once you've got the harness, you can attach a drag weight to get them used to drag, noise and weight. Teach a pull, pull slowly, pull faster, move over right, move over left, turn right, turn left, back up, slow down, stop, leave it - all before you get your cart.


Darlette just finished a book on teaching your dogs to drive - she's on the chariots of the dogs group and is a great resource for dog driving. She also makes the harnesses for Jim Walsh's sulkies.

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Hi Barb, Kat, and Laura! :rolleyes:


I posted to the Chariots list earlier today so hopefully the people there will be able to help me out.


If I can get this thing built then I'll have to post a video of us out for a ride so you all can see. I'm sure it will be fun and yes, I promise to go slow. :D


Take care you guys!



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I run the BCSledDog group. You should join it! I looked into Sulkies but decided on a wheeled rig instead. If I had been able to afford it I would have purchased an aluminum rig from the UK. Here is my steel rig. I used to race in the 4 dog class with BCs.




Check out the cool rigs they have in the UK.



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